Want More Engagement on Social Media? Here’s How to Do It!

First things first — you actually don’t need engagement on social media to have a successful presence. Yes, we know that practically every marketing guru out there swears by likes, comments, and shares as the key metrics for social media success. But guess what? The legal industry is the exception to this norm.

Why? Because you deal with a lot of heavy subject matter. People don’t necessarily want to engage with topics like bankruptcy, divorce, or family infighting over an estate.

But we also know that it’s still nice to receive some feedback on your profiles every now and then. So how do you do it?

The key is content balance.

Whether you help people deal with serious matters like divorce or you’re doing something less dramatic like helping entrepreneurs launch a business, you still need to balance your social media content with other items that get peoples’ attention. Yes, you should still share blog articles, videos, and podcast episodes that address your area of expertise, but it needs to be balanced with other types of content.

Now that you understand the reason for having a balance of content, here are 4 ideas for other content types that can encourage people to engage with your page.

1 – Third-Party Articles

In addition to the blogs you post that direct back to your website, supplement your content with articles from other sites. For example, sites like Divorcedmoms.com or Psychology Today often have great content that relates directly to a family law practice. This shows your audience that you’re providing helpful information and aren’t just looking for your next retainer.

2 – Inspirational Quotes

People love a good quote. It’s even better if you use a free program like Canva to create a social media–friendly graphic to provide some extra eye-catching pop.

3 – Memes

Don’t roll your eyes at this one! Millennials and Gen Z’ers have practically invented a new way to communicate with memes. You post an image or graphic with a relatable caption, and if it hits home with someone, they’ll drop a like or a comment about how much it relates to them. 

For example, a law office can post the popular GIF from Tim Robinson’s I Think You Should Leave where he repeatedly says “You sure about that?” with the caption “Anytime a prospect says they want to represent themselves.”

It’s silly, but people enjoy those sorts of things.

4 – Behind–the–Scenes Activity

Show people what life is like in your firm! Obviously you can’t share recordings of client meetings, but you can create a quick video showing a “day in the life.” Share bios or fun facts about people on your team. If you’re out in the community on a team activity or sponsoring a local event, post photos! 

Social media is a long game that requires consistency and momentum. The truth is that you likely won’t go viral (and that shouldn’t be your goal in the first place). Instead, build a system to post consistently. Ideally, you’d post something every day, and if you pair the four types of engagement–grabbing posts with other content from your firm’s website, you’ll have no shortage of content to share!

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