Do Website Visitors Know That You “Get It”?

We all know people who just “get it.” Sometimes it’s because they share our political views, enjoy the same music, or cheer for the same sports team.

We judge that other people “get it” when they share our beliefs, values, and perspectives on specific matters. And when somebody gets it, we are much more likely to enjoy their company or conversation.

The same is true with your business. When a potential client visits your website for the first time, they want to know whether or not you “get it”. They need help (your services), but they also have fears that may keep them from contacting you. For instance, many consumers may worry:

– that you just want to make money off them, that you’re going to charge a huge fee and not do much.
– that you won’t be able to help them with their specific need.
– that you’ll be hard to get in touch with and difficult to communicate with.
– that you’ll be unpleasant to work with, that you’ll waste their time, that you won’t be able to get their job done right.  

What they are looking for is someone who can tell them, “I get it! I understand your needs. I know how to help. I’m going to provide results and get the job done right. And I’m going to provide great value. You’re going to love working with me!”

Is that the message that your website and your internet marketing presence sends? Take a few moments to review your website and your internet marketing presence and think about it.

Specifically, is your website content written with your audience in mind? Or is it loaded with technical jargon that makes sense to you and your colleagues, but not to the “average Joe” who needs your help?

Have you positioned yourself and your business as approachable and friendly?

Have you positioned yourself as an expert in your field?

Will a visitor to your website know that you get it? It’s an important question. If prospective clients feel that you understand their concerns, and if they are comfortable that you can help them accomplish their goals, they are far more likely to pick up the phone and give you a call. So show them that you get it!

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