We’ve Started 2 Podcasts, and So Can You! Tips, Tricks, and Lessons Learned from 4 Years in Podcasting

When was the last time you asked someone, “Do you watch TV?” Maybe you’ve never asked that question! These days, we assume everyone has a big screen in their living room. The real question is, “What TV shows do you like?” I think we’ve hit that same point in podcasting. This April, Apple Podcasts announced it had more than 1 million shows on its platform. That’s crazy! Podcasting is this decade’s TV, and if you’re not already part of the wave, now is the time to jump in. 

We’ve been on the podcast bandwagon for years. We started our first show, Law Firm Marketing Minute, in 2018. It’s a short podcast that gives marketing advice to lawyers in quick 2–5 minute episodes. In January 2021, we started our second podcast, Center Stage where we interview lawyers and other industry experts on marketing and business development challenges they have mastered or overcome. 

Several members of our team also have podcasts they host on their personal time, including our CEO, Marc Cerniglia, who hosts the Zoho My Business podcast.

Creating those shows was a steep learning curve. We had to figure out how podcasting works on the fly, and we learned a few important things along the way. 

1. Just get started 

Marc had the idea for Zoho My Business at least a year before he started the podcast. Yet after just four or five episodes, it reached 300 followers! Imagine how many more he could have by now if he’d started sooner. You can learn from his mistake: Just do it, even if you don’t feel ready. You can record on your smartphone, download some free music, and start today. 

2. Factor in your strengths and weaknesses 

Your podcast should fit your personal style, habits, and discipline. Law Firm Marketing Minute has short episodes because that format plays to our strengths. We’re good communicators, so talking for a few minutes is easy! It also factors in our weaknesses: We don’t necessarily have the patience to sit down and edit an hour long episode. 

3. Pursue your passion

Marc got the idea for Zoho My Business when Spotlight Branding switched to the Zoho app suite and discovered he had a passion for the intersection of software and business. Turning that interest into a podcast was (and is) fun! If you focus on your passion, creating content will be easier, more enjoyable, and will resonate with listeners. 

4. Be consistent

When Marc started Zoho My Business, he was really consistent with the first few episodes. That’s how he got 300 followers so quickly! But then, COVID-19 happened and he took a long break. Most of his followers hung around, but he knows he would have had more momentum if he’d kept up the consistency. 

5. Ask for help if you need it

If you want help with your podcast, we can be there for you. Through our Podcast Production service, we’ll do the logo design, editing, publishing, and music so you can focus on the content. 

This year Marc is working on a new podcast, Small Business Booster. His goal is to give entrepreneurs the advice and tools they need to grow their businesses to the point of self-sufficiency. He’s made that happen for himself at Spotlight Branding, even though we’re a smaller seven figure business with just 13–15 employees. Now he wants to help other entrepreneurs do it, too! 

As of this publication, that podcast isn’t out yet, but you should be able to find it soon on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen, along with the other shows we’ve mentioned here. If you’re dreaming of starting your own podcast, remember: There’s no better time than now.

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