What Do You Want Your Social Media To Do?

There are almost five billion people on social media, and, on average, people use 6.7 platforms daily. (https://backlinko.com/social-media-users) Many attorneys who use social media in their personal lives also use it to market themselves professionally, albeit using different profiles. One issue arising from this crossover is that people have pre-determined ideas about what works. Here are some of the more common questions and concerns people have when they critique individual social media posts:

  1. The wording isn’t strong enough, and no one will book a consultation when they read it.
  2. I need to get more likes or shares with these posts.
  3. We are posting too frequently.

I will address each one, but you should know what you want from social media before you critique an individual post. Regarding point number one, a single post on any platform will likely not single-handedly win you a new client. If it does, that’s wonderful, but it’s not the norm. The obvious follow-up to that point is why we bother posting at all. 

Remember, I said a single post may not win you a client, but posting every day might. Your social media platforms are a means of nurturing your existing network. If you consistently post educational and informative content instead of pleas for people to call your office and book a paid consultation, your firm will remain top of mind. This is essential because it generates referrals while growing your brand and reputation. 

Posting & Not Getting Likes

People like being liked on social media. This isn’t the time to discuss dopamine and addiction, but it is the right moment to tell you to put your focus on likes aside. As someone who has worked with an attorney in my personal life, I can attest that I would gladly refer him to anyone who asked. Also, I have never liked, shared, or commented on anything he has put on social media. This is because the matter I dealt with was private, and as much as I appreciate his work, commenting on his posts seems out of form. How many of your clients are like me?

When I asked what you wanted from your social media, your first thought wasn’t likes. You may have wanted more clients or more quality clients. The issue is that people assume getting likes leads to the results you want. When measuring the success of your content, results are not always direct, and the wrong data gets too much attention. Clicks, visits, followers, engagement, and open rates are overrated and don’t tell the whole story. You have to look at correlation, not just causation. The best results are often found in underlying areas such as referrals, average case value, and win rate.    

Posting Too Frequently 

I will not belabor the point because we discussed top-of-mind awareness and consistency. But if you are concerned about posting too frequently, adopt a different mindset regarding your posts. If every post requests a prospective client to call you, then yes, that is cumbersome. 

But if you are giving to receive, then it isn’t. The best content marketing is built around the premise that you must give to receive. Who will complain about getting too much free information if you focus on creating educational content that answers your prospective clients’ questions? To prove to you how much our agency believes this, how many times in this blog have I asked you to call us and work with us? I haven’t, and I am not going to. My job is to help you with your social media strategies—the same ones our agency uses to market ourselves. 

Before you post anything or talk to a copywriter about your social media, ask yourself what you want to get out of it. There are dozens of different approaches to using social media, and when you speak to a marketing agency, ask them what their strategy is. When you understand what the agency is trying to achieve on your behalf, you can see your posts as part of a greater, more successful system.

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