Where Should You Spend Your Marketing Dollars First?

Congrats! You have developed your firm’s marketing plan for 2024 and are ready to start bringing in more clients. You have your content strategy laid out, a plan for PPC, a few events you’re sponsoring, and more.

But what comes first?

Let’s not think chronologically. Obviously if you’re sponsoring an event in January, you’ll spend money on that first. But did you know there is a way to order your marketing spending to get optimal results? That’s what we’re talking about today.

You Don’t Need to Start Everything All at Once

It can potentially be tempting to hire a one-stop-shop vendor or tell your marketing coordinator to run Google Ads, post on social media, execute and SEO strategy, and organize a direct mail campaign all at once. And while that will still produce results, you may find that the ROI is inconsistent and truly difficult to determine. 

Here’s why: If you’re running PPC ads but your website lacks a healthy blog or video library, resulting in low conversions, is it because your website lacks content or because your ads aren’t performing well? It’s difficult to tell.

The same goes for your SEO. If you’re ranking on page 1 (congrats, by the way), but people are coming to a mostly empty website with nothing more than your picture and contact info, is it because your website isn’t great or because you’re not ranking on page 1 of search phrases that matter?

The Preferred Order for Maxmimizing Your Marketing ROI

  1. Content: Build your marketing foundation on content. Write blogs, create a video library, develop lead magnets. Post on social media every day and send a monthly email newsletter. Building this rhythm and ecosystem will make it clear what kinds of clients you’re looking for when people need to send you a referral.
  2. SEO: The great thing about starting with content is that your firm’s keywords will already start to appear naturally. Then, as you rise in the rankings, your website’s conversion rate will improve because you’re ranking for the right terms.
  3. PPC: Once you’re in a good rhythm and your budget can justify it, you can add Google or Facebook ads to your ecosystem. By now, your keywords will be in a great place and your website should have a wealth of content for people to navigate through once they arrive to your website.

WARNING: For best results, do NOT abandon one step and move on to another. The idea is to build up over time. Develop a good rhythm and build momentum.

If your firm is currently in a place where you have a lot of different marketing initiatives going on and you’re unsure of what’s working and what isn’t, it may make sense to do a soft reset and go back to the basics for 6 or 12 months. We can help build your marketing foundation by crafting tailor-made content for your firm that will help you increase referrals and attract the right clients.
From there, you can add on additional marketing initiatives to turn your firm into a growth machine. Book a call with our team today to see how we can help make it happen!

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