Why Have a Marketing Plan?

Effective marketing isn’t easy—and there are always plenty of ways you can waste your time and resources. This is particularly true for small business owners, since most of us can’t afford to spend countless hours each day refining our marketing tactics while we’re also responsible for growing our company in other ways. That being said, there is one specific marketing mistake that stands out from the crowd: The failure to have a plan.

Without a marketing plan, you’re flying blind. Your initiative may seem like a great idea, but with no central purpose, you’ll find it impossible to achieve the long-term results that you’re looking for.

You might think a marketing plan is similar to a 50-page research paper that a professor made you create during your college career—but that’s not what we’re talking about here. In fact, creating an effective marketing plan is easier than you think. To get started, just answer these key questions:

What makes your business different from the competition? Is it your years of experience? Your use of technology? Your ability to keep costs low?

What is your company brand? How to you want your audience to perceive your business?

What benefits do your products and services provide? Why should a consumer choose your products or services over those of a competitor? What’s in it for them?

Who is your target market? Are you selling to businesses or consumers? To locals in your area, or to an international audience? Men or women? And so on.

What are the most effective channels to reach your market? Now that you’ve defined your audience, how can you best engage them? Internet marketing? Social media? Direct mail? Print advertising?

Answering these questions is the first step needed to create an effective plan. It’s essential that you do this before spending another dime on your marketing—because without a cohesive plan, chances are you’ll be wasting resources. If you’d like help taking the next step, get in touch with us today!

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