Why Hire Overseas Staff? 5 Reasons from Delegation Expert Brett Trembly

Brett Trembly is a lawyer, entrepreneur, and delegation expert who runs two companies: Trembly Law Firm and Get Staffed Up. The latter specializes in offshore virtual staffing for law firms, a topic we tackled in the newsletter last month. We’ve asked Brett to step in to tell you about why you should consider hiring overseas employees for your law firm and how Get Staffed Up can help make it happen. We hope you enjoy his insight! 

I started Get Staffed Up in 2018 after a really good friend, who is also an attorney, disappeared for two months. When I heard from him again, he had five overseas employees on his payroll and was raving about their performance. I asked if he could set me up, too, and he helped me find a great virtual marketing assistant. We quickly became the go-to guys for lawyers looking for overseas help and turned our side project into a business. Every business owner’s No. 1 headache is staffing, and that will never change unless you run a law firm of robots! 

At Get Staffed Up, we’re currently helping hundreds of lawyers hire legal assistants, virtual receptionists, virtual intake coordinators, and marketing assistants. We focus on hiring from South America and South Africa so the firms we work with get staff with excellent English who can handle client-facing positions. Everyone we bring on is hardworking, energetic, and thrilled to be making a salary above the average of where they live. 

In my opinion, there are five big reasons why lawyers are hiring staff overseas right now: 

1. Remote work is the new normal. COVID-19 lockdowns helped lawyers realize that you can have virtual staff, whether those workers are domestic or international. 

2. Hiring overseas can save you up to 70% on traditional labor costs. All of the international workers we hire make above average salaries for where they live, but those salaries are significantly lower than U.S. averages. It’s a win-win. 

3. Overseas workers reduce turnover in entry-level positions. Here in the U.S., it’s almost impossible to find someone who will answer your phone with care and enthusiasm for $10 per hour. And if you find them, they will always be on the hunt for a better-paying position! However, someone from overseas will be happy to make that wage long-term because it allows them to live comfortably and support a family. For each turnover it eliminates, hiring overseas saves you $5,000 in hidden costs. 

4. Hiring overseas makes it easier to grow your company at home. When you have affordable labor, you can take more cases and grow your business more quickly. Then, you can use some of those funds to expand your domestic workforce! Basically, the more horsepower you add to your engine, the more people you can fit in the bus. 

5. Affordable labor can help reduce pressure on your most valuable employees. If you have employees who are overworked and wearing multiple hats, hiring an affordable overseas team member can release that pressure and eliminate burnout. 

There are two critical points I want to emphasize: First, when you hire through us, you’re not outsourcing, you’re insourcing. We help you find your next amazing team member, and while that person will work virtually, they will only work for you, 40 hours per week. We don’t do part-time or shared staffing. This creates loyalty, longevity, and consistency of performance. Second, lawyers who work with Get Staffed Up are helping the global economy by giving jobs to people where they live. That creates stability in other countries and helps curb the immigration crisis here in the U.S. 

You deserve great staff and wonderful assistants. Why not hire virtually? If you’re considering hiring overseas, imagine how great it would be to migrate your entire to-do list to a capable assistant and to unearth those projects you never have time for? When you’re ready for more amazing team members at your firm and more time to do what you love, visit GetStaffedUp.com. We’ll connect you with energetic, highly trained, full-time workers for a monthly flat fee. We even take on all of the payroll and overhead responsibilities, making hiring as easy as possible for you. As a lawyer myself, I truly believe this is the future of law!

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