You Created a Podcast, Now What?

Congratulations on your new podcast! You’ve taken a big step toward truly building your credibility and showcasing your expertise to your community. Getting started and having the show up and running is the hardest part, so now that you have that out of the way, you can focus on what to do next – building your audience. This blog article will give you a few tips on how to do just that.

1. Spread the Word

Find the places your target audience hangs out online and insert yourself into the conversation. You don’t have to blatantly promote the podcast; instead, you can be part of the discussion and plug your show as part of your comment. For example, a family law attorney may find a single-parent discussion group. To go a layer deeper, you could find a discussion thread about custody issues or dealing with an uncooperative ex. That’s the perfect place to display your expertise and let people know about your show.

You can also make it known at networking events or conferences you attend. It can be part of the conversations you have, or you can simply print up a flyer and place it on a wall or table.

Of course, don’t forget to promote your show on your website, social media, and e-newsletter as well! Adding hashtags like #podcast, #itunes, #episode, and #listening will also help to get immediate eyes on your new podcast.

2. Invite Guests

Whether you’re hosting your podcast all on your own or you have a co-host with you, there is value in having guests on some or all of your episodes. If you think of it as a referral source for your business, having a guest on your podcast not only brings that person’s fans and followers into your world, but it opens the door to reciprocate in some way and bring you into their world for future opportunities.

3. Cross Promote

If you’ve listened to any podcast, you have likely heard a brief advertisement for another podcast that the host believes you might be interested in. You can do the same with your show, especially if you have other connections who do their own podcasting. Many hosts will gladly promote your show in exchange for you promoting theirs.

These are just the start! There are many other ways to go about creating a listener base and getting better rankings on platforms, but simple networking and word of mouth can get the initial group of listeners you’re hoping for. If you have any questions about how to build up your podcast after creating it, contact us here. Happy podcasting!

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