You May Not Actually Need More Lead Generation

One of the biggest concerns many lawyers have is that they aren’t generating enough leads. However, many lawyers are often focused on the hunt for new leads when there is a wealth of opportunity that already exists in your current network!

That’s why it’s so important to focus on nurturing your audience.

Nurturing creates repeat business and new referrals. These clients are more primed to work with and less likely to balk at your rates. And yet, many law firms fail to capitalize on the multiple referrals waiting at their fingertips.

After all, 83% of your network (strategic contacts, past clients, etc.) are willing to refer to you, but only 29% actually do. That means you can more than DOUBLE the referrals you receive TODAY, just by focusing on nurturing your existing audience rather than constantly chasing new leads. You can do this in just two short steps:

  1. Craft a short, helpful blog article covering a frequently asked question.
  2. Pair that blog with an email newsletter. You don’t need to fill the email with a bunch of fluff.
    • Just use the title of the blog as the subject line,
    • Have a short section introducing the newsletter with an added call to action
    • Paste the first paragraph of your blog with a link to your website to read more.

If you do those two things every month, you’ll be SHOCKED at how many referrals start to come in. This is literally what we have done for hundreds of law firms around the country. If you need help, we can make this happen for you, too. Give our team a call today.

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