Your Firm’s Social Media Just Got MORE VALUABLE with This Recent Google Change

We live in an era of information overload, making it hard to find authentic and experience-based details and insights. Fortunately, Google’s Search platform has now introduced new features that not only assist users in finding and exploring diverse viewpoints but also offer an opportunity for your firm to showcase your expertise and experience on social media.

If your firm has a social media presence (and it should!), these updates can help you get more mileage out of every post you make. That article on California divorce or Florida alimony could not only demonstrate authority, but also serve as a lead magnet long after it’s been posted.

Introducing Google Perspectives

Google Search has implemented a Perspectives filter, specifically designed to help users find valuable information from forums, social media sites, and Q&A platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Reddit, and more. This filter enables users to exclusively access a wide range of content, including long- and short-form videos, images, and posts shared by individuals who have encountered similar situations. For lawyers, this feature presents a valuable opportunity to showcase expertise and inspire confidence that can build their clientele.

Moreover, Google Search incorporates a dedicated Perspectives section that expands the horizon of viewpoints available. By simply tapping the “See more” link, users can delve into a full page of content, further broadening their understanding of a specific topic, the law included.

Refined Ranking System

As well as recognizing the importance of diverse perspectives, Google has improved its ranking system so that content created by people with unique expertise is more visible. The helpful content system, introduced last year, prioritizes valuable content over mere clickbait. 

In the upcoming months, Google will refine this system to more accurately identify and rank content that originates from a personal or expert perspective. The aim is to unveil hidden gems of information that might be buried in unexpected places, such as forum comments or articles written by industry experts, lawyers included.

Embracing Social Media Platforms in Legal Practice

For law firms, online goals include achieving visibility and inspiring confidence. Google’s new features provide an excellent opportunity to showcase the wisdom and experiences of lawyers from a diverse range of practice types, from family and criminal defense to business and environmental and beyond. Strategic use of social media can place them right at the top in the Perspectives results, exposing them to potential new clients every day.

In an era where information is abundant, Internet users are eagerly embracing tools that simplify access to relevant perspectives. Google Search’s new and innovative capabilities empower law firms to effectively stand out among the sea of information, thereby allowing them to grow their practice.


Google Search’s new features not only facilitate access to a broader range of viewpoints but also provide a platform for lawyers to amplify their expertise and experience on social media. By actively embracing the Perspectives filter and leveraging the refined ranking system, law firms can realize a significant return on a relatively modest and easy investment.

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