Your Keys to Law Firm Growth in 2020

We won’t go so far as to say growing your law firm is simple, but with the right tools, processes, and strategies in place, it should be easy. With that in mind, our team put together a checklist of three easy steps you can take to help grow your firm in 2020. If you haven’t made every single one of these changes, you’re holding your firm back from reaching the level of growth you deserve!


If you’re still managing your own books, we have some bad news for you: You’re the most underqualified, overpaid bookkeeper in your town. For the rate you charge your clients, you could easily hire a competent, experienced bookkeeper and save yourself money and hassle. While it can be difficult to trust someone else with this vital information, it’s a step you have to take. With a bookkeeper in place, you can get back to running your firm and practicing law!


One of the biggest mistakes law firms make is failing to have a manual, checklist, or other document to share with new hires that outlines core processes. This is a vital step because the only way you can trust a hire to do exactly what you want, in the way you want, is to offer them a procedure to follow. If you already have employees working without a checklist (and likely forming bad habits), put down this newsletter and write one up now before it’s too late!


If you haven’t raised your rates in the last few years, now is the time. One of the most effective ways to create more capacity in your firm and improve margins is to charge more. Specifically, charge the rate you’ve wanted to charge all along. Lawyers often get pushback on their prices, but the truth

is when you try to compete on price, you end up making the conversation about rates when it doesn’t have to be. Instead of focusing on price, focus on the value of your services and don’t worry about your competitors’ prices — the second you do, your clients will worry, too. If you want to stop competing on price, just stop!

Once you’ve made these three changes and are ready for next steps, reach out to us. We specialize in taking firms like yours to the next level!

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