Your Law Firm Website Should Reflect Your Status

What did you do before you left home this morning? I’m guessing the list includes most, if not all, of the following:

  • You showered
  • You shaved
  • You brushed your teeth
  • You got dressed in a clean, pressed, professional outfit
  • You did your hair
  • You put on makeup
  • And finally… you checked yourself in the mirror before heading out to take on the day

You did this for a simple reason: You’re a professional and you need to look like a professional.

You’re going to interact with many people throughout the day. Staff. Colleagues. Clients. Potential clients. And it’s important that your appearance sends the right message – it’s important that you’re perceived as someone who is well-put-together.

There’s nothing controversial about this. And you wouldn’t be successful if you didn’t understand this.

Now consider the following:

76% of consumers searching for a lawyer use the internet to do so. That means that the majority of your potential new clients are going to visit your website, or your LinkedIn profile, or your Facebook business page, or another component of your internet presence.

What will they see? A strong internet presence reflects your status as a trusted professional. It reinforces your credibility and your expertise. It helps you to appear engaging and approachable.

Is that the message that your internet presence sends to potential clients and referral sources?

Or is your website outdated, full of broken functionality, not mobile-friendly, and otherwise lacking?

An outdated or poorly-functioning website is the online equivalent of meeting a prospective client wearing a ratty old t-shirt and having not showered for three days. 

It sends a terrible message. It makes them question your professionalism and your dedication to your practice. It makes them wonder if their legal matter will be similarly neglected.

Your law firm internet presence needs to reflect your status as a trusted professional. If you’d like help making that happen, click here to learn more

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Daniel Decker

Daniel Decker is a co-founder and Partner at Spotlight Branding. In addition to helping lawyers stand out from the crowd, he spends his time writing, dreaming up new marketing strategies, and coming up with catchy subject lines. In his spare time, Daniel enjoys playing sports, guitar, politics, and Minnesota sports.