Your Referral Network is Broken!

This is a hard truth to accept, but your referral network is in fact, broken!

Like many attorneys, you probably get a good amount of referrals. Even in today’s digital marketing world, a lot of business still comes from word of mouth; from past clients, other attorneys, or strategic relationships in specific industries.

However, no matter how many referrals you are currently getting, the data says that you are leaving more on the table! According to a study produced by the business school at Texas Tech, 83% of your clients are willing to refer to you. But, only 29% actually are.

In other words, you are only getting about one-third of the referrals that you should be getting, from people you already know!

This is a big issue that often gets overlooked. With more and more marketing companies reaching out to you every day, selling you advertising, pay-per-click, or promises of a high Google ranking, it is easy to lose sight of all the referrals you are missing out on.

Furthermore, referrals are often better clients than those who find you online. This only compounds the issue. Not only are most law firms receiving fewer referrals than they should be, but when they do spend time, money, and other resources on their marketing, it is often focused on attracting more clients from advertising than it is focused on generating referrals.

Referrals make better clients. They are cheaper to get. And, they are more likely to refer to you because they were referred themselves!

Here is the good news! It’s not complicated to close the “referral gap.” The biggest culprit in this issue is a lack of staying top-of-mind. The days of an annual holiday or birthday card to your clients being enough have passed. We all have too much going through our minds every day. It is simply too easy to forget about you, and what you do.

When the moment arises to make a referral, people just don’t think of it. They don’t make the connection. However, the more you stay connected with your network, and the more you remind them what you do, the more likely they are to think of you in the moment it matters.

At Spotlight Branding, we are passionate about making the internet a tool that you can use to stay better connected with your clients, keeping your brand and what you do front-and-center in their minds.

Marketing strategies such as an email newsletter, a consistent social media presence, and blog content that focuses on people, not search engine robots, can go a long way in keeping you well connected with your network, and ultimately closing the referral gap.

So, your referral network is broken. But, starting to fix it is one of the best decisions you will make for your law firm! Marketing to your past clients and your existing network always produces an ROI. If Spotlight Branding can help, please give us a call at (800) 406-7229 or visit

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Spotlight Branding is an internet marketing and branding firm for lawyers. Our goal is to help our clients create an online presence that positions them as a credible expert in their field, keeps them connected with their network in order to stay top of mind and increase referrals, and to become more visible online so prospects can find them!