A Conversation with Avvo CEO Mark Britton, Part 2 of 6: How Lawyers Can Get the Most Out of Avvo

This is Part 2 of our interview series with Avvo CEO Mark Britton. You can view previous entries in the series here: Part One

How should lawyers use Avvo to build their practices? And how should it fit in with the rest of their marketing efforts?

Who better to ask than Avvo CEO Mark Britton:

Avvo can be a great place to start your Web presence. But, I really am a believer that the more that you can get out there as a lawyer to tell your story in different places, in different forums, you’re going to have a better shot of building that overall brand and building a relationship with somebody that ultimately becomes your client.

If we look at Avvo, specifically, I think it’s important to think of it as one of many marketing channels. When you’re pulling them from Avvo and you’re landing them on a great website that continues to tell your story… I mean that’s a beautiful funnel that you’re building. Avvo is really good at helping lawyers tell their story. Within that construct, you can use Avvo to begin that conversation that’s going to help you drive people to your website, into your office, into your core marketing platform.

What do you do? Well, for starters you should have an Avvo profile and buff it out with as much information as possible. That’s the beauty of the Avvo profile is it’s free. You can upload as much information as you want.

It helps if you have a higher Avvo rating. To the extent that you have built a solid background and you have a strong reputation and you’ve done great things for your community, a high Avvo rating should follow.

Getting client reviews – that’s the number one thing that when we do testing with consumers their eyes immediately go for the client review and then they look at the Avvo rating.

Peer endorsements – those help not only for building out your profile, but they also help for peer endorsements do go into the Avvo rating. Client ratings do not.

People love pictures and video because they love to hire people that they have an affinity for and that look like them. The more that they can get a feel for you online through videos and pictures that you can put right on your Avvo profile, that’s a beautiful thing. You’re building that connection so that you can pull them into your core.

We often joke that we’re the match.com of legal because we help the consumer ask the right questions and we help the lawyer who needs business be more conversant with them. We put them together to go on and do great things together.

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Daniel Decker

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