A Conversation with Avvo CEO Mark Britton, Part 3 of 6: How Avvo Ignite Can Help You Measure Your Marketing and Figure Out What’s Working

This is Part 3 of our interview series with Avvo CEO Mark Britton. You can view previous entries in the series here: Part One | Part Two

One of the biggest challenges that many lawyers face when it comes to marketing is tracking their results. Every business needs to understand its marketing ROI – but most law firms don’t.

As a result, many lawyers are frustrated. They understand the need for marketing and business development, but aren’t sure where and how to invest their money and their time for the best results.

Avvo Ignite is designed to help attorneys solve this problem. Avvo CEO Mark Britton explains how the platform can help lawyers better track, analyze, and understand their marketing:

Avvo Ignite is a unique product. There are products that you can buy that are CRMs. There are products that you can buy that are a lead management system. We mix the two and we tailor it for law firms to address their biggest challenge… which is they don’t know where their marketing spend is succeeding.

We really focus on two elements – measuring where you’re getting your business and how much it’s costing you by channel, then giving you the dashboards to see where they’re coming in, and seeing where they go within your firm. Then having different management points where the software tells you that hey, this is a time that you should be following up with the customer.

You can set up auto-generated e-mails. You can set up auto response e-mails. They’re all those things that keep the conversation going with the customer, which ultimately converts them into clients and I just don’t think there’s any other software that is out there doing that at our price point.

And, by the way, we give this software away to our advertisers. Part of it is because we want them to see all the Avvo flow coming in. We want them to see how well it returns and then we want them also to plug it into any of their marketing channels – online or offline so that they can compare it to Avvo.

You can learn more about Avvo Ignite here.

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