How Solo Law Firms Compete With A $2 Billion Legal Tech Giant

On-demand, web-based legal services like LegalZoom are taking over the legal industry. They pull together dedicated teams of legal departments to draft simple contracts, conduct research, evaluate complex business litigation, and offer “all-in-one” legal plans for the average consumer. They are driving down costs by automating and standardizing legal services.

Let’s not forget, they’re backed by hedge funds, private investors, and managed by CEOs with a global perspective. This new “web-based” legal model is literally changing people’s expectations about how legal services are offered and priced.

Personally, I’m trying to figure out if this is a commoditization of legal services or a revolution. Nevertheless, this should be a concern for your solo law firm practice.

After LegalZoom’s recent $2 billion valuation, they were quoted saying “we have more than 10 times greater brand awareness than online or offline competitors.” Yes, they are your direct competition. If you think differently, you’re most likely losing a lot of business.

Whether you’re a long-time reader or just recently stumbled upon Spotlight Branding, you’ll hear us talk a lot about building your brand as the A.C.E. – Authoritative, Credible, Expert.

As a solo law firm, it’s more important than ever to market yourself better and elevate your brand as the go-to in your practice area. You certainly don’t have to get head to head with these tech giants. Rather, remind people that the legal system is complex and that their legal needs should be cared for by a highly specialized expert.  

With that said, let’s break down the A.C.E. formula for attorney marketing and how you can leverage it to compete with a $2 billion legal tech giant.  

  • Create Authority

In other words, become the most knowledgeable and passionate attorney in your niche. Did you catch that I said “niche?” The days of being a general practitioner are over. If you’re a jack of all trades – you’re a master of none. Being the authority means that you’re a respected source of information on a specific topic. You deliver real value, advice, and recommendations that build massive networks of people who echo your message. As they say, “the buck stops with you.”

  • Build Credibility

Let’s face it, credibility is all about trust, honesty, and your ability to build others up. For example, if your services are not the right fit for a prospective client, you should be confident enough to guide that person in the right direction, even if it means a loss to your bottom line. Your willingness to help others get results shows that you truly care and will be the tipping point that differentiates you from the competition.

  • Showcase Your Expertise

When people start to view you as the authority, they trust your advice. A great place to showcase this is by writing blogs, hosting a podcast, sharing case studies, speaking at events, teaching seminars, or writing a book. At the end of the day, deliver consistent value to your network and it will pay huge dividends.

As a side note, it’s not required that you execute 100% of this yourself. It’s completely acceptable that you be the visionary. In fact, we have hundreds of attorneys who rely on us each month to showcase their expertise through the content that we write.

Lastly, to be an ACE is a byproduct of intentionality. In other words, be deliberate in your thoughts, actions, desires, and goals. Narrow your focus and rise to the top of the crowd. Make your client the hero of their story with you as their guide. There’s a significant human element that LegalZoom will never be able to touch and you have that advantage.

To learn more about Spotlight Branding and how we can help you become the A.C.E. in your market, schedule a FREE consultation with one of our Brand Strategist here. 

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