Why Lawyers Have an Image Problem (And How to Fix It)

I’ll admit, before I came to work at Spotlight Branding last year I thought that lawyers were only needed while getting a divorce, drawing up business contracts, settling lawsuits, bailing people out of jail, and preparing wills. Even more, I thought that every law firm provided all of those services. I also bought the stereotype that lawyers were primarily interested in trying to get the biggest paycheck possible – not serving their clients.

I had no reason to think otherwise because I had never needed a lawyer. But surely you see the problem with this. I spent 25 years with this perception of lawyers, and I never had a reason to think differently. Of course, now that I work with them every day, I know that most lawyers truly care about their clients and are passionate about helping them solve problems. I also understand that most lawyers focus on a relatively small area of practice, and I’ve seen the impact our services have made on the overall image of each lawyer we work with.

However, I know there are hundreds of thousands of people out there who still have the same outlook I used to have.

When consumers need to hire a lawyer for the first time, chances are they hold similar feelings to mine, before I came to work for Spotlight Branding. And as a result, they have no idea how to look for a lawyer – and they’re intimidated by the process. But this problem represents an opportunity, because if you can educate these potential clients, show them that you really care about solving their problems, and demonstrate that you have the expertise to help them with their specific needs… then you’ve got a significant advantage compared to your competition.

The internet is one of the best tools to help you accomplish this. In many cases your website (or even your social media presence) will be the first time that a potential client interacts with your firm, so your internet presence creates your first impression. Even when somebody is referred to your firm, they are still going to look you up on the internet most of the time, before they contact your office. So you should have a modern, welcoming, and engaging website.

In addition, you need to provide your visitors with something of value. Do you have a free resource available for download? Do you have an e-newsletter? Do you have a blog that you not only consistently update, but also provide valuable information relevant to potential clients? If the only thing you have on your website is an old picture of you and an About Me page that tells people where you went to law school and how well you did there, you’re probably missing out on business. That’s not what your prospective clients are most interested in. Here’s a good example from one of our clients.

You can also use video to break down the barrier between you and a prospective client. If someone can hear your voice, see your mannerisms, and gauge your personality, it goes a long way toward showing people that you’re not a “scary lawyer,” but rather you genuinely want to help people navigate the challenges they are facing. Click here to learn even more about the benefits of adding video to your website.

If you’d like to learn more, we would be glad to help. Please contact us today!

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John Hinson

John Hinson is a Brand Manager at Spotlight Branding. He works daily to ensure that Spotlight Branding's services are delivered at the highest level. In his spare time, John plays softball and writes travel books.