Leveraging Video, Part One: “What Type of Video Should I Shoot?”

“I know I should do video.” Has that thought ever crossed your mind?  More and more professionals are hearing they should do some type of video to go along with their marketing efforts.

This is true.  Video increases a consumer’s understanding of your product or service by 74%.  Not to mention, many or more likely to watch a video than read through content.

So, this brings up the question…what exactly should I do for video, and how do I use it?

This is Part one of a two part series. In part one, I will share a few ideas of what kind of videos to create.  In Part two, I will provide some ideas for how to use your videos once you have them.

Create a Video Series
There are a few directions you can go with a video series, my preference is creating a FAQ.  Think of the most common questions your prospects have.  This can be about your services, but more importantly what are the questions and concerns they have about the issue they are facing, or needs that they have?  The best part of a series like this is it needs no script!  Hire a videographer, create a list of good questions, and give your natural 30-60 second answer for each.  Now you have a FAQ video series you can leverage in your internet marketing efforts (example).

Video Introduction
Create a short video, maybe a minute or so, where you introduce yourself and what you do.  This is likely best on the homepage of your website.  An introduction video is an opportunity to do just that…introduce yourself to your prospects.  Give them a chance to see you and hear you, its more personal.  Additionally, its an opportunity to share about what you do, and how you might be able to help with their situation. The idea for this kind of video is it helps a prospect feel more comfortable about calling you, or scheduling a consultation.

Explain Your Services
Similar to the FAQ series, this would be a set of videos explaining your different services.  An introduction video should be rather short and to the point, so you cannot truly explain all that you do in that video. So, lets say you are a Real Estate Attorney, and you have a page each on your website for Titles, Foreclosure, Short Sales and Landlord/Tenant.  Yould could create a short video for each page where you share a bit more about what you do in each practice area.

There is certainly more you can do with video, but sometimes the most simple ideas are the most effective.  Be casual, be yourself, share good information….you don’t need to create a commercial!

Be sure to check back for Part two where I look at some of the ways you can use your video.

In the meantime, if you have questions or need help creating video, let me know!

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Marc Cerniglia

Marc is a founding Partner at Spotlight Branding, an internet marketing and branding firm for lawyers. He is passionate about helping lawyers understand the truths and myths about internet marketing, and educating them on how to get the most out of their marketing efforts.