Why Simple is Better: Video Marketing

Video is a key piece of a thorough marketing strategy, which should come as no surprise these days. After all, we live in a day in age where people are millionaires because of their YouTube channels. My oh my, what times we live in!

The point is, people love videos. They need to be part of the marketing strategy for your law firm. That said, what might come as a surprise is that you don’t need fancy, high-production videos in order to have successful video marketing. As a matter of fact, we’ve found that oftentimes simple videos, such as FAQs (frequently asked questions), can be the most effective.

On that note, this is the first installment of a new blog series titled “Why Simple is Better.” At Spotlight Branding, Simplicity is one of our core values. It’s even written on our wall (see the photo included in this article). In a world where marketing becomes more and more complex, I want to show you that in many areas of internet marketing, simple is still the best way to go. Simplicity often creates more engagement, more clarity, and a better ROI. In future articles, I will talk about things such as how this relates to your website, your content, social media strategy, and more. But, let’s get started by talking about video.

We love Video FAQs. Full disclosure…it’s one of the services we offer. But out of all the video services we could have provided, we chose Video FAQs because they’re simple and effective. This is in contrast to high-quality, high-production videos where you have music, cut-scenes, cool camera panning, zooming, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I actually think videos like that are pretty neat and have their place. Furthermore, as a branding company, we see the value in those types of videos. They’re statement videos or hype videos. They have their place. However, in terms of building a solid marketing foundation, we think Video FAQs are the place to start.

So without further ado, let’s talk about why Simple is Better when it comes to video marketing. There are plenty of reasons to choose from, but in the spirit of simplicity, I’ve decided to narrow it down to two overall reasons.

Creates an Authentic Connection with Your Audience

Simple videos such as FAQs, where you’re talking directly to the camera as if you’re talking to a person, create a really strong and personal connection with your audience. In fact, we encourage our clients to be natural and be themselves. This comes through in the video as opposed to something that is scripted or enhanced through music and other effects. If someone is coming to your website, they or a loved one likely have a legal need. They aren’t looking to be dazzled with a fancy video, they are looking for answers and someone they can trust. Video FAQs will typically have the strongest impact in these situations because they will create an authentic and personal connection. For the viewer, the natural next step will be to call you or come in for a personal conversation. As a matter of fact, they’ll feel like the personal conversation has already started with your videos.

Easy and Quick Production Time

This is a pretty straightforward point, but still one of the most important. Simple is better in this case because it’s just easier to get these types of videos done and into your marketing quickly. When a client has us do their video FAQs, we send a videographer to their office, in their city, and knock out the shoot in a few hours. There’s some post-production editing that needs to be done, but not nearly as much as the more “fancy” videos mentioned earlier. Because of this, it’s also easier to produce more videos over time. When it comes to FAQs, there’s often an endless supply of questions and topics that choose from. Because of the relative ease and quick production time, refreshing your Video FAQs is pretty easy to do on an annual basis, growing your video library over time.

So, that’s it! Simple video marketing such as FAQs is often a better option (or at least the best starting point) because they produce a strong ROI through making an authentic connection, while also being easier to create. Sounds like a good combination to me!

Thanks for reading, and make sure to stay tuned for future installments on Why Simple is Better!

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Marc Cerniglia

Marc is a founding Partner at Spotlight Branding, an internet marketing and branding firm for lawyers. He is passionate about helping lawyers understand the truths and myths about internet marketing, and educating them on how to get the most out of their marketing efforts.