Three Reasons Your Law Firm Needs a Blog… And Why That Blog Belongs On Your Website

We often talk to lawyers that have been told their blog should be separate from their website.  

Depending on the theme of your blog, this might be true at times. But one way or another, your law firm website absolutely should have a blog. This does not have to stop you from having a second blog located somewhere else (not on your website), but when you realize the benefits of having a blog on your website, you will quickly understand that if you are only going to have one blog, your website is almost always the best location for it.  

Here are 3 reasons why your law firm website is the best place for your blog.

Your Legal Blog Enhances Your Credibility

Having a blog on your website, particularly one that discusses common legal issues and questions your prospects and clients face, is a great way to clearly communicate to website visitors what your focus is, and what you are knowledgeable in.  Remember, your website is a sales tool. Its job is to help visitors get a good sense of whether or not your services are the solution to their problem. If you are going to take the time to create and maintain a blog, it is likely best leveraged on your website so that it is seen by your website visitors who are in the market for your services.

Your Legal Blog Improves Search Engine Visibility

One of the most important, likely never-changing elements of Google’s search engine algorithms is content, and more importantly recent content.  Keep in mind all of the content of your blog, which should naturally be full of keywords related to your practice areas, is “searchable” content.  If someone searches for a legal question they have that relates to a topic you have blogged about, and that leads them to your blog…doesn’t it make the most sense for that blog to be part of your website so they can quickly learn more about your practice, and contact you if they’re ready for your help?

Sharing Your Legal Blog Drives More Traffic to Your Website

One of the benefits of having a legal blog is being able to share it through social media, through an e-newsletter, etc.  When you share your blog through these channels, it is typically done with a link back to the blog.  If the blog is located in your website, then sharing your blog will constantly drive visitors back to your website, which is (or at least should be!) your best conversion tool on the internet.

The bottom line is your law firm website is the best place for a blog.  If you want to have a personal blog or a blog that is themed differently than the main focus of your practice, than having a separate blog is just fine. But either way, your law firm website should have a blog focused on your practice areas! It will enhance your website credibility, increase your exposure, and drive more traffic to your website.

If you need help getting your law firm blog going, give us a call to talk about it!

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Marc Cerniglia

Marc is a founding Partner at Spotlight Branding, an internet marketing and branding firm for lawyers. He is passionate about helping lawyers understand the truths and myths about internet marketing, and educating them on how to get the most out of their marketing efforts.