Use Your Marketing to Give Before You Receive

Are you scared of giving away any bit of information for free? Do you think people will take your knowledge and either go hire another firm or simply handle their issue themselves? If so, we suggest you reconsider. Worst case scenario—that was someone you didn’t want to work with anyway.

However, there are a lot of benefits of “giving away the farm,” “sharing the secret sauce,” or whatever other metaphor you’d like to use. Here are three immediate benefits to going this route.

1. It Creates the Best Content

Lawyers get a bad rap for their commercials and general marketing. It’s just a mascot (maybe), a catchphrase, and several repeated echoes of your phone number. And we get it—you can’t market yourselves like other businesses in other industries because you can’t remotely guarantee a particular result.

Instead, your marketing message and content should be about how you help. Explain what happens in a given situation. What really is the difference between an S corp and a C corp? What steps does someone need to take to get divorced in their state? What are the most common red flags that trigger IRS audits?

Answer the questions that keep your audience up at night and explain what happens and how a lawyer works through those issues. People want to learn and get those answers, and you’re the perfect person to provide them.

2. You’ll Actually Receive More Value in the Long Run

Giving away the farm builds trust, and who else other than lawyers is less trustworthy? People won’t see you as just an ambulance chase or someone out to get a fat paycheck from an insurance settlement. (You can still be that lawyer if you want, but people won’t hate you for it.)

Instead, people will see you as a trusted source of information, a pillar of good in their community. It will humanize your firm and break down the barriers people often set up (especially if you have a good video strategy).

3. It Makes You the Expert

People want to work with the expert. Think of it this way: Are you just going to a general practitioner if you need a specific surgery? Not likely! You’re going to find a renowned expert.

The same goes for consumers who need services. They want to work with the best, and giving away your knowledge helps people see you as the expert you really are.

One final point: Don’t worry about your firm going under because you gave away all your secrets. We’ve been utilizing this approach with our content for years, and we’ve only continued to grow.

Share your knowledge with the world. They truly want to hear about it.

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