105 – Building a Marketing Plan with Dan Brian

A marketing plan is one of the most important tools for developing and executing your marketing strategy. Our guest this week, legal marketer and founder of Marketing for Justice, Dan Brian, joins us to talk about the ins and outs of building and analyzing your marketing plan. Learn more about all the great things Marketing for Justice is doing by visiting www.marketingforjustice.com Read More

104 – Building Your Firm from the Ground Up with Attorney James Grant

There are so many layers to running a successful firm. This week's guest, attorney James Grant, explains everything it takes to run a business and what skills you need to possess to put yourself in the best position to live the life you want to live. Learn more about James and his firm at www.8334thewin.com Read More

103 – Going to Therapy with Sharon O’Connor

Are you on the fence about seeing a therapist for your mental health? In this week's episode, John interviews therapist Sharon O'Connor about what actually happens in a session, what types of therapy are available, and how the simple power of talking can make a big difference. Learn more about Sharon and her practice at www.integratedtherapiesnc.com, and you can reach Sharon directly at (704) 806-4606 Read More

102 – Getting Clients from LinkedIn with Alay Yajnik

Yep, it's another LinkedIn episode! (That probably means it's a really important topic right now that you should be paying attention to.) This week we're joined by lawyer coach Alay Yajnik to talk about your LinkedIn strategy and what you can do to develop referrals from this booming social platform. Learn more about Alay's LinkedIn group by visiting www.linkedinforlawyers.net and check out Alay's podcast, the Read More

101 – Navigating a Merger with Attorney Hailey Hawkins

Merging with another firm isn't going to be easy. There will be a lot of stress and a lot of unforeseen bumps in the road. In the end, however, you'll emerge in a much better place. This week's guest, attorney Hailey Hawkins, recently merged firms (during Covid, no less), and shares her experience and advice with us on this week's Center Stage. Read More

100 – Celebrating the Successes with Spotlight Branding

It's our 100th episode of Center Stage! To end year 2, we're joined by the Spotlight Branding Account Managers Anna Casey, Macey Holden, and Sofia Prestia to talk about what they've seen that makes lawyers and other pros so successful, as well as their own tips and systems they've used to have success at their own jobs. Thank you so much for listening and helping this show grow! We'll be back with more great Read More

099 – Playing the Long Game with Scott Aaron

We're almost to episode 100! This week, we chat with business coach Scott Aaron about value-added content and how easy it is to build your firm through meaningful connections on LinkedIn. Learn more about Scott and take advantage of the resources he has to offer by visiting www.scottaaron.net Read More

098 – Exploring Media Forensics with Edgar Fritz

This week we're diving into an area where many of you might have some experience - forensics! Oftentimes lawyers will need to enhance or authenticate evidence to help their client's case, so Edgar Fritz from Reliance Forensics joins us to talk about that process, the future, and all that goes into his work. Learn more about Reliance Forensics by visiting their website at www.relianceforensics.com or giving them a Read More

097 – Opening the Podcasting Door with Todd Cochrane

This week we're joined by BluBrry CEO Todd Cochrane to talk about how powerful of a marketing and business development tool podcasting can be. Todd is one of the biggest influencers in the podcasting world and he built his company based solely on his own podcasting success, so he knows what he's talking about! Learn more about all the ways BluBrry can help you build your show by visiting www.blubrry.com Read More

096 – Uncovering Corruption in Small Firms with Susana Sierra

Corruption isn't just for governments and Fortune 500 companies, it can happen in small businesses, too. This week, we're joined by compliance expert Susana Sierra to discuss what corruption looks like in smaller firms and what can be done to combat it. Learn more about Susana and her company at www.bh-compliance.com or reach out to Susana directly at susana.sierra@bh-compliance.com. Read More