How Your Website Can Seal the Deal

Have you wondered to what degree your website influences prospects? Listen to this from one of our clients:

“I have an appointment with a prospect that found me online. She said she Googled business attorneys, found several, and I was the only one or one of the few that looked credible.  In other words, the website sealed the deal.”  

To be honest, this is exactly what we preach to all prospects of our own at the beginning of our conversations, your website needs to impress and communicate that you are an expert!

The best part of this story is that when the prospect came in, it was as simple as meeting each other and signing on the dotted line.  Essentially the website experience also helped to close the deal faster.

So, if your website is not helping you “seal the deal,” you are missing out.  Here is what you can do about it.

Have Your Website Professionally Designed

The design, how your website looks and feels, is the first thing any prospect experiences when visiting your website.  And let’s remember that prospects on your website are not just people that found you on Google, many of them are referrals and colleagues.

Don’t go cheap on your website design.  Find a quality marketing or design agency that will put time and effort into a modern, professional design. If your website looks cheap, outdated, thrown together, or messy, what does that say about you?  And don’t say “well I think my website is okay.”  Again, what does that say about you…. do you think you are just okay when it comes to your abilities as a professional, NO!  So, don’t have your website say that about you.

Demonstrate Your Expertise (by providing resources)

The design is just the start, but you also have to consider “what” about my website says “I am knowledgeable and credible at what I do.”

Imagine this journey.  A prospect shows up at your website.  In addition to a nice design, you have videos where you answer common questions about your area of practice, then there is a report on a hot topic in which they can download, as well as a newsletter they can sign up for.  As they look further, they also see a blog, rich with articles from your firm with insights, thoughts and more about topics related to their needs.  These items demonstrate your expertise, and provide a resource to your website visitors.

Even if the prospect doesn’t spend much time actually reading the material, the mere presence of them on your website says a lot about your credibility and expertise.

Make it Easy to Be Contacted

This is easy and quick, but often overlooked.  Include a phone number or email address prominently, or both.  There should always be a contact page, and even a contact form where you feel is appropriate.  Also, your report and newsletter signups should notify you via email when someone downloads or signs up.  This is now a lukewarm prospect you can build up rapport with over time.

Overall, you website can help you seal the deal with prospects and referrals, so don’t wait to get your website right!  If you would like to discuss how we can help, please contact us.

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Marc Cerniglia

Marc is a founding Partner at Spotlight Branding, an internet marketing and branding firm for lawyers. He is passionate about helping lawyers understand the truths and myths about internet marketing, and educating them on how to get the most out of their marketing efforts.