7 Foolproof Ways to Create Engaging Content Part 3: The ‘Success Story’ Hack

So far in this series, we’ve covered the Top 3 method and the One Thing strategy. The Top 3 method involves identifying a category in your legal niche and coming up with three things within that category to write about (e.g., three provisions you must have in your estate plan). The One Thing strategy is pretty similar. It involves giving readers one thing they can do right now to either achieve a goal or avoid a fear (e.g., one thing you can do to avoid an IRS audit, the secret to a successful custody battle). 

Here at Spotlight Branding, our team uses both of these methods to create compelling podcasts, blog posts, and more—but they aren’t the only tools in our arsenal. Another favorite is the Success Story hack. 

This content trick is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is brainstorm a list of clients you’ve helped and share their positive experiences! Maybe one of your clients bought their dream home because of your abilities in real estate law or your immigration expertise secured a client a green card. By sharing these stories, either in the client’s words or your own, you’ll paint yourself as the expert and show prospects that you can get results. 

You can tell the client’s story yourself or ask them for a written or video testimonial. The more personal details they share, the bigger the impact will be. Photos and videos are icing on the cake. You can also use the Success Story method to share your firm’s successes. Did you win an award or get news coverage? Share the story behind that success to humanize your firm. Remember, people love stories, not standard self-serving statements. Have fun with it!

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