What Can You Do OFF the Internet to Get the Most Out of Your Marketing?

Your internet foundation is critical in bringing in referrals, repeat business, and keeping your expert status on the top of potential clients’ minds. These themes are core focuses at Spotlight Branding, and are vital for your law firm’s internet presence. However, there is more that you can (and should) do off the internet to make all those marketing systems work to their full potential.  

The first place to start is networking. We recommend every lawyer have an amazing email newsletter going out bi-weekly or monthly. It should look sleek and appealing, have relevant information and tips, and remind everyone on your list who you are and what you do. But if your contact list only has 50 people on it, you’re not getting as much out of it as you could. You want as many people as possible to get this newsletter, so make the most of networking events. You should target networking groups that make sense for you and your practice area. Look for groups that are full of potential clients or referral sources and start there. Make connections and make it your mission to get as many business cards as possible when you’re at these events. They add up, and as your list grows, your referral network grows.

Make sure your office and persona reflect your expert status. Your website and social media should portray you as knowledgeable and established in your niche, and your physical presence should compliment that. Anyone who comes to your office should be treated with high quality and your office should feel inviting and showcase your expertise. Keep everything organized, and remember that the simplest things like having a wide selection of beverages or a Keurig available to visitors can go a long way when they are making a referral. Even Walmart has greeters, but high-end stores offer complimentary champagne, plush lobbies, and an expertly arranged layout complete with art and decorations. You can guess which end of that spectrum you should be on.

Live out your brand. Don’t let your expertise in your niche be restricted to the internet, carry it out in your day-to-day activities. This includes dressing like you’re a credible attorney when you’re working, handing out professional-looking business cards, and keeping your office nice and tidy. Additionally, responding to emails in a timely fashion, or keeping your meetings on schedule during the day are also two seemingly small, but very noticeable characteristics. It reassures your clients that you care about them and their specific case, and you are actively doing whatever you can to help them.

I would apply this to your personal social media as well; as much research as people do before hiring a professional, you can bet if your personal social media presence doesn’t reflect the expert status of your website, law firm social media, and office space, it will turn them away.  

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