Coca Cola and Your Marketing Strategy

What could the world’s most popular soda possibly have in common with the marketing strategy of your small law firm? (Don’t tune out now if you’re #TeamPepsi, this blog is still applicable!)

More than you might think. Let’s dive into why they market the way they do, who they’re marketing to, and what their goals are with their advertising channels.

When you first read the title of this blog, I doubt you (or anyone) paused and did a quick search for “Coca Cola” because you were unfamiliar with it. I would bet that over 99% of people in the developed world, who are old enough to drink a Coke, know what this product is. You know what their logo looks like, the colors they use on their label, and you certainly know what it tastes like.

So this begs the question… “Why advertise when everyone already knows about your product or service?”

What could Coca Cola possibly gain from showing their ads to millions of people who are already familiar with their product; with the vast majority most likely being past customers? The answer is that they’re constantly battling to create top-of-mind awareness in their market.

Their marketing strategy isn’t centered around introducing people to their product, it’s all about reminding people why they bought a Coke in the first place. They use ads that remind consumers about the refreshing, fizzy flavor that they loved the first time they had it. These ads also serve as a trigger to keep Coke at the forefront of their minds so the next time they go to the grocery store they see a tall, chilled bottle with a red and white label in the checkout line and grab their brand instead of Pepsi or Dr. Pepper.

Now that I’ve got you anxious to run to the closest drink machine to buy a Coke, let’s talk about why this is relevant to your law firm. A lot of lawyers center their marketing strategy on the idea of generating new leads. And there’s a place for new lead generation, but most lawyers aren’t taking advantage of the people they already know – clients, colleagues, other referral sources. It’s not enough to meet somebody once, even if you make a great first impression. The lesson from Coca-Cola is this: you need to create a strategy and invest resources to create top-of-mind awareness with your network. That’s how you create repeat business and that’s how you maximize referrals.

If Coca Cola spends hundreds of millions of dollars each year advertising to a marketplace that is already familiar with them – don’t you think your law firm should adopt a similar strategy? It’s critical that you create repeated touchpoints with your network… over and over and over again. That’s the smart way to grow your business!

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