3 Benefits of Finding a Niche

It seems counterintuitive on the surface. Why would you limit your service offerings? Wouldn't that reduce the potential number of people you could work with? In today's consumer landscape, fewer and fewer people are fine with working with general practitioners, especially when it comes to high-stakes situations like legal or financial issues. If you're still taking every case that walks through your door (for Read More

“Marketing Doesn’t Work” – LFMM 420

If you've ever thought that marketing doesn't work, think again! This week on the Law Firm Marketing Minute, we're going to explain where things might have gone wrong and readjust the perspective of marketing your firm. Read More

069 – Mastering Media Relations with Janet Falk

Having connections with reporters give a huge boost your authority and credibility. This week, we're joined by media relations expert Janet Falk to talk about the entire process of building those relationships from first getting a reporter's attention to being interviewed. Grab your Media Profile template here. Get Janet's tips for maximizing an interview here. Read More

7 Foolproof Ways to Create Engaging Content Part 6: Markerboard It!

We're reaching the end of our 7-part series on ways you can create engaging content. So far, we've covered the "Top 3" method, the “One Thing” strategy, the “Success Story” hack, the “Inspiration” method, and the "Cool" strategy. All of these strategies rely on your imagination and creativity to execute, but this strategy involves something you might have somewhere in your office - a markerboard. The Markerboard Read More

Your Experience Doesn’t Matter! – LFMM 418

People care more about what you can do for them right now than what you've done for others in the past. That's a pretty big shift in how lawyers tend to market themselves, and it can be a scary switch to make. We explain what that looks like on this week's Law Firm Marketing Minute. Read More

068 – Getting the Most Out of Your Books with Michael DeLon

In somewhat of a sister episode to #32 with Paula Black on publishing a book, we're joined this week by Paperback Expert's Michael DeLon to talk about how to get the most out of your book and all the ways it can enhance your marketing and business development. Learn more about Paperback Expert at www.paperbackexpert.com Read More

Your Marketing Should Repel People – LFMM 416

Yes, your marketing should bring in business, but it should also prevent the wrong people from showing up. We explain on this week's episode! Read More

3 Tips to Boost Your LinkedIn Presence

If there’s one perk of the Great Resignation for business owners, it’s this: Engagement on LinkedIn is booming. According to its parent company, Microsoft, the platform got so popular last year that its overall revenue jumped 36% in the fourth quarter alone.  This is great news for you, because more people using the platform to connect professionally and nurture business relationships means more potential eyeballs Read More

Marketing 101 Part 4: Why Do You Even Need Marketing? – LFMM 415

Marketing isn't just about getting as many leads as you can - it's about getting the *right* leads as well. If you've ever said something like "I don't need marketing right now because I have all the business I can handle," then you aren't looking at marketing the right way and this week's episode is for you. Read More

7 Foolproof Ways to Create Engaging Content Part 5: The “Cool” Strategy

Buckle up, because it’s time to level up your content game! This month, we’re going over a fifth way to quickly and easily create content that will hook your leads and prospects. So far, we’ve covered the “Top 3” method, the “One Thing” strategy, the “Success Story” hack, and the “Inspiration” method — which brings us to one of our favorites, the “Cool” strategy.  This is similar to the “Inspiration” method. With Read More