Building A Marketing Plan: Figuring Out Your Goals & Intentions (Part 6) 

After our previous blog, we discussed how a great marketing plan includes goals and intentions. There are several different types of marketing, and each one should have an associated outcome. At Spotlight Branding, the blogs, email newsletters, and social media we write for our clients help them stay in touch with their existing network. Not many measurables are associated with that tell the whole story.  If you Read More

Building A Marketing Plan: Maintaining Your Marketing Plan (Part 5) 

This is where we will address the elephant in the room surrounding ROI. After our blog on how to get started, we said that your plan has to be dynamic and adaptable. That doesn’t answer what needs to change and when you should do so. There’s that old cartoon of a person standing at the bottom of a large hole while digging for gold. The viewer can see that the person is inches from finding the treasure. However, the Read More

Building A Marketing Plan: What Version One Should Look Like (Part 4)

In this next blog, to give you an idea of where we are heading, we will explain how to maintain your marketing plan. Before you adapt and work with it, you still need to have some sort of product. Hence, we want to give you all the tools you need to build Version One of a marketing plan. Version One will be complex for many people, so we wanted to make it easier.  What Marketing Are We Going to Be Doing? As a Read More

Building A Marketing Plan: Six Categories To Get You Started (Part 3)

Ok, so you’ve committed to building a marketing plan. You have a spreadsheet with four rows, one for each quarter, and a blank series of columns because you are unsure what categories to use. Though we will give you some ideas to get started, it is also important to note that you don’t need four rows. Why? Because nothing says, you have to do this by quarter. That is how we do it here at Spotlight, but that doesn’t Read More

Building A Marketing Plan: Using The Categories (Part 2)

In the previous blog, we discussed the fifth step in a marketing plan: organizing your marketing plan under several different categories. We mentioned that you could either have a category entitled “Social Media” encompassing organic posts (things you post for free) and paid digital ads through various social media platforms, or you could have separate ones for each. The key point is that there was no right or better Read More

Building A Marketing Plan: What Is A Marketing Plan? (Part 1)

Many people ask what they need to start developing a marketing plan. However, we question to what degree most law firms either have a marketing plan or think they have one. For instance, as we begin discussing a marketing plan and its components, you may realize that what you have is falling considerably short.  That’s not to say that a marketing plan is overly complex. As you read this blog series, you will Read More

Embracing The Effectiveness Of Video Content 

If you have ever sat down with any of us at Spotlight Branding when we have gone over the Content Loop, you would have heard us discuss touchpoints. Examples of touchpoints are blogs, social media posts, podcasts, and videos. They are a means of staying connected with your network because they deliver informative and educational content your audience can use. Staying in touch with them has several benefits, such as Read More

Personality Vs. Professionalism On Social Media

After doing some quick napkin math, I figured I had had around 700 phone conversations with attorneys. Though each one was professional in tone, we discussed surfing, hockey, jiu-jitsu, music, running, dogs—the list is long. I have been writing for some of my clients for close to four years, and the longer these relationships go, the more personal they become. I prefer it because people who share a personal story Read More

Give, Give Some More, Then Ask 

Before you read anything else, please visit our company website, schedule a consultation, meet with one of our employees, and choose us for your content marketing. Did you do it? I doubt it, but I began the blog to show you how unlikely it is to simply turn a prospect into a paying client by asking. Many lawyers will use social media with us and insist that many of our posts should get people to call them and book Read More

Gathering & Utilizing Client Feedback 

Your previous clients are your best salespeople. Because you have established trust with them and have proven your ability to deliver an appropriate resolution, they are in the best position to tell others about you. Imagine that you have a very close relationship with a sibling. If you need an attorney and your brother or sister says they had a fantastic experience with one, how likely are you to set up a Read More