Tips For Mastering Client Communication

Communication is a tool that bridges the gap between confusion and clarity. Despite its importance, it’s one of the first things that gets cut out when people are short on time. Whether you are a marketing agency that deals with time-strapped lawyers or a lawyer managing a series of clients, the challenge is balancing the need for communication while appreciating someone else’s time. A reputation for being an Read More

Overcoming Challenges With The Tools 

We'll seek advice from established professionals as we continue our conversation about mental health in the legal industry. If you have seen a documentary called Stutz, you will have a better idea of some of the things I will discuss. The focus of it is a psychiatrist named Phil Stutz, who also co-wrote a book called The Tools with psychotherapist Barry Michels. The unique element of this book is that it offers a Read More

A Humble Strategy For Keeping Your Mind Quiet

Am I a mental health professional? No. Did I study psychology or a related field in college? Also, no. However, there are two reasons why I am taking the time to discuss mental health despite my lack of qualifications. The first: Because of how closely our agency works with attorneys, it’s alarming when various studies show the increase in mental health issues within the profession.  “About 38% said they Read More

What Do You Want Your Social Media To Do?

There are almost five billion people on social media, and, on average, people use 6.7 platforms daily. ( Many attorneys who use social media in their personal lives also use it to market themselves professionally, albeit using different profiles. One issue arising from this crossover is that people have pre-determined ideas about what works. Here are some of the more common Read More

More Marketing In Less Time 

There were (at least) two key statistics in our 2024 Legal Marketing Trends Report that warrant us discussing how a law firm can market itself effectively in less time. The first thing I want to bring up is that out of the 15,000 surveys we sent out to the legal community, 41% of them said they needed more capacity to devote more time to marketing. This is understandable. Although this may be one of the reasons they Read More

Shield Your Eyes From Vanity Metrics

Advertising and marketing have changed significantly in the last 60 years. The most obvious one is technological advancement. In the 1960s, marketers relied on print media, radio, and television. These have been replaced with the internet, social media platforms, and smartphones. This shift not only speaks to how audiences are reached but also how they interact with marketing efforts (content),  The other Read More

Content Is Vital To Direct Marketing

There is a divide in the advertising/marketing community between two methods: Brand Marketing & Direct Marketing. The former is the Volkswagen commercial during the Super Bowl, the Pepsi logo on the wall of a hockey rink, and the things you’d see on an episode of Mad Men. When people see a car commercial during the Super Bowl, very few stop what they are doing to call a dealership. They are, however, seeing that Read More

What “Word-Of-Mouth” Looks Like In The Digital Age

Word-of-mouth marketing is a timeless and powerful tool for influencing decisions and driving sales. In the past, this involved one person telling another or pointing them toward a product or service during face-to-face conversations. Today, the mentality behind word-of-mouth and the referral network remains the same, but platforms and reach have transformed dramatically. An online review or social media post Read More

Stages Of Awareness: Most Aware (Part 5)

In our final discussion on the stages of awareness, we will veer slightly off course. We will briefly discuss what the most aware stage looks like, as described by Eugene Schwartz, but we will look at what this means regarding how Spotlight Branding approaches content. Clients in this stage are the closest they will be to choosing your firm, but they need one last push.  What Breakthrough Advertising Says Read More

Stages Of Awareness: Product Aware (Part 4)

We’re reaching the point in your prospective client’s journey where they recognize the product and understand what it offers but are still hesitant to book a consultation. (Although Breakthrough Advertising refers to this as the product-aware stage, this can be considered service-aware, too. As attorneys in the service-based industry, looking at this stage through the lens of selling physical products won’t allow you Read More