What Are Good Blog Topic Ideas For My Law Firm?

If you’re thinking of starting a blog, it can be a little overwhelming to think of what you should write about. Every blog is different and finding out how to sculpt yours can be challenging, but here’s what we recommend for small law firm blog topics: Answer the questions your clients ask you on a regular basis.

Ideally, you’ll want to publish a blog post weekly or bi-weekly, and definitely one a month at the minimum. That’s a lot of writing and content to publish, so we suggest starting with the thing you know best: the answers to the questions you get asked daily.

If you already have a video FAQ library, this is a great place to start. Take some of the questions and have someone on your team transcribe them into a blog post. While a lot of people prefer watching video, many prefer to read text instead. By answering the same questions across multiple mediums, you’ll reach double the audience. Personally, I like reading an article instead of watching a video, but several colleagues would rather hit play and listen to someone else speak. If you can target both these groups, you’ve doubled your audience, and your credibility, while doing very little additional work.

If you’re wondering what a video FAQ is, check out our blog post explaining what they are, and how beneficial they are. After that, if you still aren’t sure which topics to choose, start jotting down questions that your clients ask you. Even though you could rattle off the answers in your sleep because you’ve been practicing law for years, the people who hire you are most likely new to this situation and aren’t sure how to proceed. They are going to have many questions along the way, and many of them are going to be broad and not case-specific. That’s where you start building your category of blog topics.

Here are a couple examples of blog topics you could use, based on different practice areas.

A DUI attorney could write blogs answering questions like:

  • What happens if I refuse to take a breathalyzer test?
  • Can I get a DUI if I haven’t been drinking?
  • Can I be arrested based on someone else’s word?

A Divorce and Family lawyer could use a blog to answer these questions:

  • If my spouse cheated, how does this affect our divorce?
  • What is legally required for the relocation of our children?
  • How long is the divorce process in my state?

An Immigration lawyer could write about questions such as:

  • What is the difference between a ‘green card’ and an immigrant visa?
  • How can I become a US citizen?
  • How can my spouse and I prepare for our ‘marriage interview’ with USCIS?

Once you’ve decided what to write about, there are still many things to consider: tone, length, structure, etc. When you’re ready to start blogging, here are some tips on how to write.

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