Should I Use Instagram in my Marketing?

There are a lot of social media channels out there, and some are much more popular than others; i.e. Facebook and Twitter. Instagram is also extremely popular, especially among people aged 18-29. As the age increases, their likelihood of being active on the app declines. But the popularity of this platform brings up the valid question: Should Instagram be used in a small law firm’s marketing?

The short answer: Instagram can be a valuable part of your marketing strategy, but there are more important areas you should focus on first.

Some of those higher priority channels include a website, email newsletter, and a presence on those bigger social media sites.

Instagram is an image-centric app, and at this time doesn’t even allow users to post from a desktop computer. That means the app is used on mobile devices the vast majority of the time, which is something to take into consideration when deciding if you should have an instagram presence. Also, because the app is centered so heavily on images, you can’t currently include links in the descriptions of the pictures you post. You can include links on your profile page, but getting to that link requires an extra step for your followers, and a lot of times you’ll lose people in the process, even if it’s as simple of an action as one click.

With that being said, we’ve found that Instagram itself isn’t the best tool for marketing, however it can be helpful in maintaining your brand, and coming across as personable and likable, which is very important. A good use for Instagram with your law firm could be showcasing pictures of what happens behind the scenes, like members of your team in action. But remember, as important as the legal work you do is, you doing paperwork doesn’t exactly make for a great photo op. The other benefit of the “behind the scenes” look is that you come across as more relatable to potential clients.

If you have the fundamentals I mentioned above in place, working to cultivate your brand, then Instagram is a great option. Some additional ideas for images to post are quotes, events or outings your whole office participates in, video FAQ clips, and the occasional self-promotion. This could include a screenshot of a new feature on your website, or a congratulatory post about a big case that you won. Then of course, we’d recommend sharing that post on your other social media channels so it gets even more exposure.

If you have any additional questions about Instagram or your marketing in general, we’d love to chat with you. Contact us here.

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