AI as Your Ally: Transforming Work Processes for Greater Efficiency

In this digital age where efficiency and productivity are key, AI is revolutionizing work processes in the professional services industries. We’re aware of its amazing potential, but many of you are concerned. Will it replace human workers? Will its adoption render all those years of learning and professional experience obsolete? The answer to both questions is a definite NO. While AI has the ability to improve Read More

123 – Maximizing Your CRM with Melanie Leonard

We've heard you - and we know that most of you aren't maximizing your CRM/case management software. This week we're joined by Melanie Leonard from Streamlined Legal to talk about how deep these programs go and how you should approach building them out to your unique preferences. Go to to learn more! Read More

120 – Shoring Up Your Cybersecurity with Juan Carlos Bosacoma

It's one of the biggest concerns at every firm, and we're telling you what you should be doing to make sure your email and client data is secure. The best part? The solutions aren't nearly as complicated as the inner workings of the tech itself! Juan Carlos Bosacoma from CIT Landing joins us to discuss. Get a free Cyber Security Assessment and make sure your firm is doing all it can to be safe by visiting Read More

5 Legal Tech Myths Busted

As technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, the legal industry has definitely been feeling the effects. Tech offers innovative solutions to age-old problems like accuracy, efficiency, and security, but certain myths keep holding up its widespread adoption. From fears of robots replacing lawyers to concerns about data control, this article busts 5 tech myths and provides a clearer understanding of its role in Read More

That Website Speed Test Is a Pile of Lies

Stop us if you've heard this before: You received an email saying your website speed is awful and that Google is actively penalizing your website because of it. The person sending you that email even gave you a big PDF of your test results. And maybe with you being the enterprising skeptic you are went out and ran the same Google PageSpeed test for yourself. But when the results came in, you found that the Read More

Product Feature: Assembly Neos

One of the First Legal CRMs Continues to Show Why It’s One of the Best In the early days of legal tech, there were just two case management products on the market—Needles and Trialworks. Those two pioneering companies have since merged to form Assembly, and the combined engineering superteams have taken the best features from both platforms to create Neos, Assembly’s cloud-based practice management software. This Read More

Algorithms Explained, Part 2: How Do They Work?

We’ve already explained what social media algorithms are and why they’re essential for your marketing strategy. Now for the biggest question: How do they work? The answer is both simple and complicated. While algorithms are designed to provide users with relevant content, they run on data science. They can analyze data and rank posts based on criteria that most of us won’t completely understand, but that doesn’t Read More

Algorithms Explained, Part 1: What Are They?

If you use social media, you’ve experienced the power of algorithms. They make sure that you see relevant content on your feed instead of the Facebook equivalent of spam. What they are and how they work isn’t really important to you—unless you’re a marketer. That’s where the game changes. If you’re trying to increase your social media profile, understanding the algorithm is essential to getting the results you Read More

ChatGPT vs. Humans: What Is the Future?

ChatGPT has taken the Internet by storm since it launched late last year. This AI technology, which is currently free to use, is pretty impressive: give it a prompt and it can answer questions, write essays and emails, and even generate code. Given the enthusiastic reviews it’s gotten, no wonder some content providers are worried about becoming obsolete. It won’t happen, trust us. Here’s why ChatGPT and other AI Read More

Is ChatGPT the Future of Content? – LFMM 459

There's a lot of buzz around AI-generated content creators like Jasper and ChatGPT. On this week's Law Firm Marketing Minute, we take a dive into these platforms and see what they're really like. Please take a moment to fill out our listener survey at Read More