Find a Moment of Clarity with Headspace

In the fast-paced, hectic world in which we work, it helps to take a moment to just relax. Meditation, even for just a few minutes, can help us feel re-energized and focus to finish the day strong. Headspace is a science-backed app that provides meditation and mindfulness tools to help support your mental health. Whether you need a quick recharge during the day or help falling asleep at night, Headspace has proven Read More

Improve Your Time Management Skills with Focus Keeper

Struggling with an overwhelming task? Need an extra push to be productive? Got a huge project that you need to tackle over time? Focus Keeper could be the solution. This app, available on both Apple and Android, allows you to create projects and then assign dedicated working times to them in order to keep you on track. In other words, Focus Keeper allows you to work with time, not against it. Even more, Focus Read More

4 Quick Tech Tips to Make Your Life Easier

Tech doesn't have to be scary, nor does it make you lazy for utilizing it. The truth is that you don't have to do everything yourself or make sure every last punctuation mark is reviewed before it's sent to a client. It can also be hard to let go of past systems when so much time, money, and effort have been put into them. Don't fall into that sunk-cost fallacy! Instead, look ahead at the opportunities that Read More

Create Landing Pages That Convert with Unbounce

If you're running ads or promoting a lead magnet through a sponsored email or event, you want to make sure you're executing the most optimal strategy you can. And while you can certainly create a landing page on your firm's website, it can be difficult to track the individual success of that page and even more difficult to A/B test certain elements. That's where Unbounce comes in. Unbounce allows you to create Read More

Bring Your Office to Life with Samsung Art TVs

Okay, we'll admit that this piece of tech is a little bit "extra," especially after we tell you how we use it. But also, these TVs are incredible. When you're outfitting your firm with decor, you almost certainly look for a few different art pieces to hang on the wall. Maybe you have one or two pieces in your own office right now. Well, what if you could A) regularly swap out the art on the wall and B) utilize Read More

Fill Your Office with Amazing Sound with Sonos Speakers

When it comes to the kind of environment you're trying to create in your firm, setting the right mood with the music plays a big part. Whether you choose to have a specific Spotify playlist on in the background or you prefer more ambient sounds, you need to have a great sound system in place to amplify it. We have several Sonos One speakers in our office, and they are amazing. We can control all of the speakers Read More

Using Tech to Make Your Firm More Profitable

As a business owner, it’s your job to support your clients as effectively as possible. You spend a lot of time and money maintaining systems and processes that ensure those clients get results. But what if it were possible to maintain the same level of service at a fraction of the time and cost? While most firms use technology like high-speed internet, cloud storage, and automated payroll systems, not all of them Read More

Sound Like a Podcasting Pro with Blue Microphones

Podcast listeners don’t ask for much—they just want to be informed. Unfortunately, if your podcast sounds like you’re recording in a sewer or calling from your phone, people will go elsewhere to get the information they’re looking for. Fortunately, you don’t have to break the bank in order to create a professional-sounding podcast. We’ve used Blue microphones for years with our shows Law Firm Marketing Minute and Read More

Facebook Portal: Have Your Remote Employees Feel Like They’re With You in the Office!

If you employ virtual assistants or you have some positions in your firm that are fully remote, it can be difficult to make everyone feel as though they’re right there in the office with you. We have a solution for that!  A couple of years ago, Facebook came out with the Portal, a portable video device that allows you to connect with people via Facebook Messenger and provides a constant video stream to Read More

Have a Dedicated Designer at Your Fingertips with Design Pickle!

You want to step up your graphics game. Maybe you want a killer Instagram presence, or maybe you just need help crafting a series of pamphlets for your office. Regardless of your graphic design needs, a company like Design Pickle could be your answer.  Unlike websites like Canva where you’re left to your own graphic design skills (or lack thereof), Design Pickle gives you a dedicated graphic designer that you can Read More