ChatGPT vs. Humans: What Is the Future?

ChatGPT has taken the Internet by storm since it launched late last year. This AI technology, which is currently free to use, is pretty impressive: give it a prompt and it can answer questions, write essays and emails, and even generate code. Given the enthusiastic reviews it’s gotten, no wonder some content providers are worried about becoming obsolete. It won’t happen, trust us. Here’s why ChatGPT and other AI Read More

Is ChatGPT the Future of Content? – LFMM 459

There's a lot of buzz around AI-generated content creators like Jasper and ChatGPT. On this week's Law Firm Marketing Minute, we take a dive into these platforms and see what they're really like. Please take a moment to fill out our listener survey at Read More

How You Can Use Call Tracking Software for Your Business

This article was contributed by Samir Sampat, a Marketing and Events Associate with’s 24/7 virtual receptionists and live chat agents capture and convert leads by phone, website chat, texts and Facebook. You can follow on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. Call tracking is a wonderful tool that can be used to help monitor outreach campaigns and gather useful information about your Read More

The Top 5 Podcasts You Should Be Listening to in 2023

We've talked a lot about how big podcasting has become (and is becoming!). There is no shortage of great shows out there, so we wanted to pass along some of our favorites. 5. Be That Lawyer BE THAT LAWYER is for attorneys who want more freedom, enjoyment, and most importantly, control in their careers. Topics include business development, marketing, branding, technology, and law firm growth. The goal is to Read More

5 Video Editing Apps to Help You Take Your Content to the Next Level

The world of content is constantly changing. There are always new trends, styles, and concepts popping up. The biggest change, however, is the transition to more and more video content. Thanks mostly to TikTok (and Instagram's and YouTube's subsequent responses with Reels and Shorts), people are consuming more and more video content than ever before. One of the biggest points of concern for many creators is their Read More

098 – Exploring Media Forensics with Edgar Fritz

This week we're diving into an area where many of you might have some experience - forensics! Oftentimes lawyers will need to enhance or authenticate evidence to help their client's case, so Edgar Fritz from Reliance Forensics joins us to talk about that process, the future, and all that goes into his work. Learn more about Reliance Forensics by visiting their website at or giving them a Read More

Spotlight Branding’s Top 5 Receptionist/Chat Vendors for 2023

One of the easiest things you can delegate is the receptionist or front desk accountability. As a firm owner, you don't need to be answering the phone or manning your website's chat funtionality (you do have that on your website, don't you?). There are several ways you can easily (and cost-effectively) outsource these tasks, and we've developed several great relationships with these companies along the way. In no Read More

095 – Looking to the Future of Legal Tech with Jim Garrett

The legal industry is notoriously slow to adopt new technologies into their firm's systems and processes. This week, we're joined by Assembly Software CTO Jim Garrett to discuss what firms should already have adopted and what the future holds for the legal industry. Learn more about Assembly Software and their solutions for law firms at Read More

Level Up Your Instagram Presence with Mojo

Instagram is one of the most heavily used social media applications right now, and there are lots of opportunities for businesses to make an impact with their content. However, you shouldn't just be posting hard calls to action with your phone number. You need visually engaging content that catches your audience's attention. Mojo is designed to do that. This free app provides you with tons of great-looking Read More

Spotlight Branding’s Top 5 CRM Platforms for 2023

You need a CRM (client relationship manager, also known as a case management system). There are tons of options out there, and several that serve specific industries like finance and legal. If you're looking for a new platform for 2023 or want to get started with your first, here are our best picks. 5. Zoho We actually use the Zoho suite in our own internal operations and are constantly amazed at the depth Read More