Using Tech to Make Your Firm More Profitable

As a business owner, it’s your job to support your clients as effectively as possible. You spend a lot of time and money maintaining systems and processes that ensure those clients get results. But what if it were possible to maintain the same level of service at a fraction of the time and cost? While most firms use technology like high-speed internet, cloud storage, and automated payroll systems, not all of them Read More

Sound Like a Podcasting Pro with Blue Microphones

Podcast listeners don’t ask for much—they just want to be informed. Unfortunately, if your podcast sounds like you’re recording in a sewer or calling from your phone, people will go elsewhere to get the information they’re looking for. Fortunately, you don’t have to break the bank in order to create a professional-sounding podcast. We’ve used Blue microphones for years with our shows Law Firm Marketing Minute and Read More

Facebook Portal: Have Your Remote Employees Feel Like They’re With You in the Office!

If you employ virtual assistants or you have some positions in your firm that are fully remote, it can be difficult to make everyone feel as though they’re right there in the office with you. We have a solution for that!  A couple of years ago, Facebook came out with the Portal, a portable video device that allows you to connect with people via Facebook Messenger and provides a constant video stream to Read More

Have a Dedicated Designer at Your Fingertips with Design Pickle!

You want to step up your graphics game. Maybe you want a killer Instagram presence, or maybe you just need help crafting a series of pamphlets for your office. Regardless of your graphic design needs, a company like Design Pickle could be your answer.  Unlike websites like Canva where you’re left to your own graphic design skills (or lack thereof), Design Pickle gives you a dedicated graphic designer that you can Read More

How to Protect Your Firm from a Data Breach

In February 2021, a high-profile law firm with brand-name clients was hit by an especially aggressive piece of ransomware. In a statement on its website, the firm said that hackers had gotten into a system containing sensitive personal information, although it did not specify how much of the actual data was accessed or taken. This is every firm’s worst nightmare. A data breach can damage your reputation, erode Read More

Audacity: Podcast Production Made Easy!

There’s a long-standing belief that Mac computers are better for artistic/creative projects while PCs are more for simply getting work done. However, that doesn’t have to be the case! When it comes to podcasting, your PC can be just as efficient as any Macbook. You just need the right software.  That’s where Audacity comes in. This program has been around for years and makes audio recording and production as Read More

054 – Exploring the Power of Automations with Attorney Devin Miller

We've said it before and we'll say it again: Automations are one of the biggest key to driving your firm's growth! This week, we're joined by Attorney Devin Miller who has become REALLY passionate about automating all of the processes that humans just simply don't need to be performing. Check out his great insight, and if you need help setting up automations for your firm, check out If you'd Read More

053 – Understanding Your Website Hosting with Lance Dockins

A lot of business owners have no clue what it means when they have their website hosted, and a lot of times, what they think they're getting isn't actually the truth. This week, we chat with Lance Dockins from Wordkeeper, a website hosting company, to talk about what you should be looking for in a website host and what those Google PageSpeed tests really mean. Read More

052 – Growing Your Firm the Right Way with Jeremy Danilson

Sure, everyone has opinions on the best way to grow a law practice, but this week's guest has actually done it. Attorney Jeremy Danilson from Iowa has doubled his firm over the last four years and, judging by how he talks about it, has done so by avoiding a lot of the big headaches that plague most business owners. Catch his insight on this week's episode! Read More

Personalize Your Direct Mail Referrals with Touchnote!

Every year, many law firm owners send out birthday and holiday cards to their current and past clients. And while these cards are a nice gesture, most firms usually just grab the same card from a stack in their closet and sign their name. TouchNote gives you the opportunity to go above and beyond.  How much more likely is it that a personalized, unique card will be read by the person who received it? How much Read More