I Just Opened My Law Firm, Where Should I Start With My Marketing?

Opening your own law firm, especially straight out of law school, can be overwhelming. Unless you happen to win the lottery, chances are you don’t have a giant pile of cash lying around to put towards your law firm; especially when you’re still working to pay back those student loans. At a time when it’s very important to allocate funds carefully, here is how we recommend you proceed:

Focus on the resource you have a lot of in the beginning stages: Time. Since you don’t have a large base of clients yet, you probably aren’t drowning in business when you first open up your law firm. So take advantage of this time to network and begin establishing your client base. You can go to networking events like trade association meetings, join a BNI chapter, or even go to local chamber of commerce events. Do some research for local events and meetings where your potential clients and referral sources may be, make sure you have your business cards handy, and start building relationships.

Once you’ve started making connections, consider speaking at a meeting, or even hosting your own event.

Once you’ve established a solid network, you need a way to stay in touch with them. This is why one of your first steps should be creating an email newsletter. You’ve amassed this list of contacts, but what’s going to make them remember you in a couple of months or even years when they’re in need of a lawyer? Consistent points of contact. That’s where your email newsletter comes in. This is a fairly inexpensive option, since you don’t have to pay printing or postage. You just need to prepare the content and use an email platform to send and store your information. By persistently getting in the inbox of potential clients, they’ll remember your name and brand when it comes time to hire a lawyer or make a referral to a friend.

Up next on the checklist, build a website. Even though this seems like a big expense that you may not have the funds for right off the bat, it is crucial to getting business and creating a brand that attracts clients. Over 80% of consumers do research online before purchasing a product or service, and without a website to showcase what you do, a potential client is probably going to look elsewhere.

This is also applicable if you have a website, but it looks out-dated or amateurish. A person visiting your website that is clearly outdated will question whether you’re still practicing and if you are credible in your field. It’s important that your website makes the right first impression – that it makes it clear what you do, who you help, and why you’re the right choice to help them with their legal needs. 

There are a lot of options where you can spend your money and energy on when you first open your law firm, so it’s important that you prioritize and allocate your limited resources in the right areas. Hopefully these tips will help – and if you would like to discuss your options and how to get started with your  marketing, contact us now.  

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