7 Foolproof Ways to Create Engaging Content Part 6: Markerboard It!

We’re reaching the end of our 7-part series on ways you can create engaging content. So far, we’ve covered the “Top 3” method, the “One Thing” strategy, the “Success Story” hack, the “Inspiration” method, and the “Cool” strategy. All of these strategies rely on your imagination and creativity to execute, but this strategy involves something you might have somewhere in your office – a markerboard.

The Markerboard strategy is exactly what it sounds like. If you’re a visual learner or want to tackle a subject that can best be illustrated visually, use a markerboard to help you out! You can create several quick videos with you in front of a markerboard explaining a concept to your audience.

Even if your topic doesn’t necessarily require a markerboard, having that visual element in your video adds an additional layer to keep viewers engaged. It also helps you look like more of an expert because it gives your content a “teacher-to-student” sort of vibe.

It’s that simple! Grab some markers, set up your camera, and show off that knowledge! Stay tuned for the final part of our series next month!

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