Stuck With a Backlog? Dig Yourself Out With These Simple Strategies!

It doesn’t take much to create a backlog when you’re running a business. A paralegal with the flu, an associate on a well-deserved vacation, and even a sudden surge of consultation requests can turn a caseload from manageable to rebellious. Senior partners and clients want answers, not hurried promises and apologies. But what can you do when everything is coming at you at once? At this point, you need to be Read More

060 – Taking Charge of Our Emotions with Paula Oleska

In a high-stress environment (such as legal), it's so easy to let our emotions get the best of us, which often makes a situation worse. This week's Center Stage guest, Paula Oleska, is a neuroscience expert focused on helping people take control of their emotions and learn how to address them faster in order to find happiness and calm sooner. Learn more about Paula at, and you Read More

Convert Fear into Curiosity and Discovery

This article was submitted by Steve Cashdollar, an author, teacher, and coach. Steve writes, speaks, and coaches about “courage.” His Professional Advantage training program is a systematic approach to new client development for attorneys, accountants, and other professionals who never imagined they would have to sell! You can “Crash a Class” for free by clicking here. "At first glance it may appear too hard. Look Read More

058 – Checking Our Leadership Blindspots with Michael Mogill

Being an effective leader calls for intentionality in every decision you make. This week, Marc returns to the show to chat with Crisp Video's Michael Mogill about a few different areas that leaders may overlook when it comes to the intentionality of their decisions. Learn more about Crisp's new coaching program at and get your tickets now for the 2022 Game Changer's Summit in Atlanta, GA! Read More

057 – Rewiring Our Minds to Beat Stress with Rachel Druckenmiller

The legal industry and small business owners in general are flooded with stress and mental health struggles. This week, we have an extended and powerful conversation with wellness coach Rachel Druckenmiller, who talks to us about stress and how to adapt and recognize it. She also gives us some tips moving forward for how to reduce stress and better cope with it. Learn more about Rachel at and feel Read More

Feeling Burned Out Already? Rediscover Your “Why” to Get Your Mojo Back

When John Hinson, our Editorial Director, wakes up, the thing that gets him to roll out of bed and put his slippers on isn’t his morning cup of coffee: It’s the fact that each day at work, he has the pleasure of being a teacher. (He actually doesn't even like coffee.)  More than anything among his roles at Spotlight Branding, John loves taking on that role of educator and being the guy who can provide calm, Read More

The Events in Your Life Are Orchestrated by Your Intention

This article was submitted by Steve Cashdollar, an author, teacher, and coach. Steve is uniquely qualified to talk about success. He achieved a major goal at age 32 when he founded a radio broadcasting company with the purchase of a radio station in his hometown in Indiana. He advised and consulted with radio broadcasters throughout the U.S including Infinity Broadcasting (CBS Radio) and Clear Channel Communications. Read More

055 – Uncovering the E-Myth with Michael Gerber

Michael Gerber, author of The E-Myth series of books joins us this week to take a deep dive into the entrepreneurial mindset. Regardless of where you are in your business development, Michael's insight and inspiration is a great reminder of the incredible growth potential your firm possesses. If you'd like to learn more about Michael's company and how they can help your firm, go to Read More

Enjoy the Journey – LFMM 400

It's episode #400! Starting off 2022, we're going to focus a lot on mental health, and this episode looks at the idea of contentment and having that as your baseline as you pursue the goals and dreams you set for yourself. What do you think? Read More

Your Time Is Valuable, So Don’t Waste It! Resolve to Delegate in 2022

How much do you think your life would change if you had a personal robot? We’re not talking about Siri or Alexa. We mean a little machine that followed you around the office and did everything you asked. It could get you coffee, send client emails, and even create lead magnets for your firm’s website. Imagine how much more free time you’d have!  The perfect personal robot may not exist yet, but you can reap Read More