4 Billing Strategies That Expedite Payments

Practically all professional firms rely on efficient legal billing. Without it, there’s a negative impact on the firm’s cash flow and profitability. Over time, it becomes impossible to thrive. While slow invoice payments can happen for a number of reasons, inefficient billing is usually at the root of the problem. Invoices go out randomly or contain information that makes it hard for the client to understand what Read More

Even Out Your Cash Flow: 6 Steps to Less Money Stress

Most people don’t think of law or financial advising as seasonal businesses, but every lawyer we know has a busy season and a slow season. This varies a lot depending on the type of law in question, but it always has the same result: Uneven revenue that makes you want to tear your hair out!  Other small businesses have this problem too. In busy times you’re flush with cash, and in slow times you have to tighten Read More

062 – Raising Your Rates with Moshe Amsel

What started out as a discussion on business goals turned into an even better discussion on why you should raise your rates RIGHT NOW. Moshe Amsel is a law firm coach and financial strategist, and we talk about how most, if not all firm owners aren't charging the rates they're truly worth. Listen to this great conversation and strongly consider raising your rates today. You can learn more about Moshe and his firm Read More

Law Firm Billing: Five Ways To Ensure Your Clients Pay On Time

This article was contributed by our friends at PracticePanther. This practice management software streamlines workflows, supercharges profits, and helps you increase client satisfaction. Billing clients is foundational to success at any firm, but oftentimes business owners struggle to receive payments on time, if at all. For an essential business function like getting paid, one would think it would be as simple as Read More

A Quick Thought on ROI – LFMM 392

ROI is a big point of concern for small business owners, especially lawyers, when it comes to anything they invest in. That includes marketing. But before you even concern yourself with ROI, you first have to truly believe that whatever marketing initiative you're about to undertake will actually help you accomplish your goals. We discuss on this week's episode. Read More

035 – Selling Your Business Tax Free with Ashley Tison

The goal for almost every business owner is to one day sell for top dollar and get the most out of their lifelong investment. Whether you're approaching retirement age, a serial entrepreneur, or you're planning your eventual exit, our guest this week, Ashley Tison, is here to help. We also discuss Opportunity Zones and the potential benefits they can provide your business. Learn more at www.ozpros.com/save50 and Read More

How Does Your Firm Set Goals? – LFMM 380

Does your business have a structured system for setting goals, checking in on them, and continuing to move the needle forward? We're coming up on our quarterly session here at Spotlight Branding. So this week, we wanted to share our process with you and encourage you to do something similar if you don't have anything in place.Check out "What the Heck Is EOS?" to learn more about the process we use! Read More

031 – Exploring the Legal Side of Crypto with Attorney Yev Muchnik

The world of cryptocurrency is an exciting new prospect for humanity that opens the door for so many possibilities. One of those is that it can create a new set of legal issues that will require lawyers to step up. This week, we're joined by legal crypto expert, Attorney Yev Muchnik. She tells us all about what cryptocurrency is, outlines ways it can be incorporated as a new practice area, and covers a few potential Read More

Get More Out of Your Staff’s Performance Reviews by Having “Performance Conversations” Instead

If you conduct regular performance reviews for your team, then you know just how frustrating they can be. Sometimes you can spend an hour assessing a problem, only for you AND your employee to leave the room more confused than when you entered! This is because the typical “performance review” process is flawed. It’s time to toss it out the window.  Here at Spotlight Branding, we’ve swapped out quarterly Read More

You Should Become an Average Lawyer — The Perks of Averaging Your Firm’s Metrics

Often when we sit down with clients and ask about their measurables, they don’t have the key answers we need to run a successful marketing campaign. For example, we’ll ask, “What is your average client worth?” and the answer will be, “It depends.”  Does that sound familiar? If you’ve ever given an answer like that, you’re standing in the way of your own marketing success. There is value in being “average” — Read More