Considering ‘Intangible’ ROI in your Internet Marketing

It’s wise to measure your return on investment (ROI) for all of your marketing and business development efforts.  However, in analyzing your marketing decisions and assessing your ROI it's important to consider both tangible and intangible ROI.Just the other day a client and I were discussing a strategy where this came into play.  The client has authored a few books, and was thinking through if their website should Read More

Don’t “Compete on Price” – Instead, Add Value

Last week we discussed the dangers of “competing on price”, which essentially means keeping your prices as low as possible in order to bring in more business. As we discussed, one of the primary problems with this approach is that it doesn’t build customer loyalty. Sure, you may be able to win business by offering a low price—but as soon as a competitor undercuts you, the majority of your customers will vanish Read More

Why “Competing on Price” is a Recipe for Disaster

When it comes to pricing their products and services, many business owners make a simple calculation: if we set our prices as low as possible, without losing money on the deal, we’ll maximize our share of the market and therefore our profits.That’s why, when we ask business owners here in Miami what they would like to be known for, many of them answer with words like “cheap”, “affordable”, or “low cost.” And then Read More

Are You Analyzing Traffic to Your Website?

You have Google Analytics installed on your website, right? (If not, stop reading right now and give your webmaster a call—it’s that important.) But how often do you review the data? If you’re not taking a look at LEAST once per month, there is no way that your internet presence is as effective as it could be. These statistics tell you much more than simply how many visitors your website is receiving—and whether it Read More