How to Level Up Your Firm’s Client Experience

As unfortunate as it may be, consumers have very low expectations for the client experience at a law firm. The good news for you is that there are just a few small things you can do to help your firm stand out from the competition and provide a stellar experience from start to finish. 1. Provide Multiple Payment Methods: Offering diverse payment options can significantly enhance the client experience. By Read More

Law Firm Leadership Part Two: Hiring

This article was provided by Gary Mitchell, a lawyer coach since 2005, taking a unique approach with his clients by focusing on the psychological aspect of the way they work. Having coached lawyers from coast to coast spanning numerous practice areas and at all stages in their careers, Gary continues to expand and hone his knowledge of the legal industry with every new client engagement. If you read my first part Read More

How Not to F*** Up Outsourcing

Hear from two CEOs, Marc Cerniglia, CEO of Spotlight Branding, and Jackie Gonzalez, CEO of PAT Live, where they will share key strategies for effective outsourcing. They will give real-life examples of times they screwed up and the lessons learned of when and when not to outsource various aspects of your business. The webinar will serve as a guide for entrepreneurs and business leaders, offering a roadmap to Read More

149 – Unlocking the Art of Rainmaking with Elise Holtzman

Do you ever wonder how lawyers seem to bring in an endless stream of clients? This week's guest, Elise Holtzman from The Lawyer's Edge, shares the secrets behind the art of rainmaking. We dive into Elise's personal journey, from practicing law to becoming a coach and trainer, and how she uses her knowledge to help lawyers transform into successful rainmakers. This concept, more than just attracting new clients, Read More

148 – Decoding the Kolbe Assessment with Dominic Loffredo

Ever wondered how your cognitive instincts influence your professional life? This week we're joined by Dominic Loffredo, a certified Kolbe instructor, to cover this unique personality test that measures the cognitive part of the mind. We examine how the Kolbe assessment varies from other popular personality evaluations such as Myers-Briggs and CliftonStrengths. We explore how each Kolbe mode affects critical Read More

146 – Stepping into Disaster Preparedness with Jeffrey Weiss

Picture your business caught up in the chaos of a disaster - may it be natural or manmade. Panic-stricken employees, clients bombarding you with questions, and a leadership team that is clueless about what to do next. Sounds like a situation you never want to be in, right? That's why we're talking with Jeffrey Weiss, founder of the Disaster Preparedness Network. Jeffrey provides an overview of disaster Read More

144 – Mastering Law Firm Efficiency and Client Experience with Julie Perez

This week we sit down with Julie Perez from Leap Legal, who guides us through the unique productivity hurdles that different types of lawyers encounter, the role of continuing education, and the cruciality of compliance in legal practice. We then dive into the complex, yet critical aspects of trust account money, compliance, record keeping, and assembling a dream team. We discuss the lack of business management Read More

143 – Building an Effective Intake Team with Chris Mullins

Get ready to transform your law firm's intake procedures with actionable insights from Chris Mullins, the Phone Sales Doctor. This episode promises to deliver crucial tips on building an effective intake team in your firm, putting the spotlight on both inbound and outbound sales. Chris guides us through the necessity of a well-devised system to convert digital leads aggressively and the importance of chasing leads Read More

Top Takeaways From the Clio Cloud Conference

This article was submitted by our friends at Clio, one of the biggest legal CRM providers on the market. Their goal is to use cloud-based, client-centered technology to drive positive social change and create a more inclusive legal system. The original post can be found here. As always, this year’s Clio Cloud Conference had incredible announcements, powerful speakers, and energy. The Spotlight Branding team was on Read More

Career Advice for Intake Specialists

This post was provided by Chris Mullins, The Phone Sales Doctor for Intake Specialists Worldwide. Contact Chris at or 603-249-5878. Chris would also love to review some of your real call recordings. Build your confidence. Do things that you’re afraid of that you don’t feel like you can do for numerous reasons. Make a list and start at the top. Do all of them. Your confidence will Read More