How an Offshore Virtual Assistant Can Help You Grow

This article was submitted by our friends at Get Staffed Up, a staffing company that provides virtual assistants to law firms and other small businesses to help you free up valuable time and get more done! Growing a business is no easy task, much less when you alone try to do everything, even the smallest task. Sometimes leaders are so meticulous that they lose sight of the most important aspects of their Read More

Why Your Team Doesn’t Care About Your Firm As Much As You Do (And How To Fix It)

This post was submitted by Molly McGrath, a coach and consultant who has directed presidents and founders of national organizations and over 4,000 law firms in executive-level leadership, continuous improvement, and team empowerment initiatives to infiltrate new markets, leveraging partner ecosystems and producing profitability. Molly has 25 years of specific skillset experience serving as a Fractional CEO, CMO Read More

How to Create Loyal Clients (and Not Just Happy Ones)

What’s better than a satisfied client? A loyal one. According to Bain & Company and Harvard Business School, increasing customer/client retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%. Compared to new clients, existing ones are 50% more likely to try new services and products and spend an average of 31% more because they trust your brand. They’re also: Great promoters because they tell everyone they Read More

104 – Building Your Firm from the Ground Up with Attorney James Grant

There are so many layers to running a successful firm. This week's guest, attorney James Grant, explains everything it takes to run a business and what skills you need to possess to put yourself in the best position to live the life you want to live. Learn more about James and his firm at Read More

10 Unique Perks to Help You Steal Top Talent

This article was contributed by Emily LaRusch, Founder of Back Office Betties, a boutique receptionist and intake company exclusively serving small law firms. She has an insatiable thirst for learning and is the happiest coaching and collaborating within the entrepreneurial community. She has been featured in Entrepreneur, Associated Press, BBC News and serves as an educator for Inmates to Entrepreneurs Let’s face Read More

5 Tips for Working Smarter, Not Harder

Most entrepreneurs are naturally workaholics. For firm owners, when faced with a laundry list of tasks, will work longer hours and push themselves to the brink of exhaustion to get everything done. However, this isn't the best approach. Rather than working harder, you can work smarter and learn ways to work more effectively. In order to work smarter and not harder, you need to manage your time better, know Read More

101 – Navigating a Merger with Attorney Hailey Hawkins

Merging with another firm isn't going to be easy. There will be a lot of stress and a lot of unforeseen bumps in the road. In the end, however, you'll emerge in a much better place. This week's guest, attorney Hailey Hawkins, recently merged firms (during Covid, no less), and shares her experience and advice with us on this week's Center Stage. Read More

Networking In the New Normal: Choose Quality Over Quantity

A version of this article originally appeared on and was graciously provided by Paula Black. Paula is one of the world’s leading business and professional development coaches for lawyers, entrepreneurs & service providers, award-winning author & speaker. One sign that life is returning to “normal” is that in-person, face-to-face networking events are happening again. After all of the Zoom Read More

100 – Celebrating the Successes with Spotlight Branding

It's our 100th episode of Center Stage! To end year 2, we're joined by the Spotlight Branding Account Managers Anna Casey, Macey Holden, and Sofia Prestia to talk about what they've seen that makes lawyers and other pros so successful, as well as their own tips and systems they've used to have success at their own jobs. Thank you so much for listening and helping this show grow! We'll be back with more great Read More

How to Keep Your Firm Growing (Even When the Economy Makes It Difficult)

The economy will always rise and fall. Things are great when the market is bullish, but people begin to panic when it turns into a bear. While your gut reaction to market volatility may be worry and anxiety, it’s important to remember that like all turbulent conditions, it will eventually pass. In the meantime, you can use this time to not only improve your practice but even grow it. Let’s take a look at a few steps Read More