How to Use Google Business for Your Firm

Most people know how to use social media for their own personal use—you find and follow friends and people/companies you’re interested in, you comment and like their posts, and you post your own content and photos.

But how does that affect things for your firm? In this article, we’ll focus on how to get the most out of Google Business.

Who It’s For: Obviously you know Google as one of the largest search engines in existence, and perhaps your marketing strategy is focused on trying to rank on Page 1. However, Google also has a social media component to its platform. It was originally known as “Google+” and then “Google My Business” until now just “Google Business.” This profile is integrated with your maps listing and showcases your business info, reviews, and social posts.

What to Post: Everything you’ve posted on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn! Plus, with the creation of Google Perspectives, your social content is now even more valuable. It’s also pretty safe to say that Google would prefer that you post content to their platform, and that content would be rewarded with increased visibility in search results.

What to Expect: Posting content to Google Business may not rocket you up to page 1, but it will make your maps listing more robust and attractive to people researching firms near them to work with.

If you need help with your firm’s social media presence, we have you covered! Contact us today to see how our social media and video services can help create consistent touchpoints, increase top-of-mind awareness, and elevate your expert status.

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