088 – Delegating Your Way to Success with Attorney John Cannon

We get it - relinquishing control can be hard to do. But it won't bankrupt your firm - it will position it for growth. Just ask this week's guest, Attorney John Cannon (which we did for you!). He joins us this week to talk about what he delegated and how he went about doing it. Want to learn more about John and his firm? Visit jpcannonlawfirm.com or email John directly at john@jpcannonlawfirm.com Read More

087 – Growing Through Efficiency with Andrew Zihmer

Having good systems and processes in place saves time, makes your firm run smoother, and open up a world of opportunity to grow and scale. Andrew Zihmer from Zihmer Law has taken his background as an engineer and helped his wife turn their law firm into a well-oiled machine. Andrew joins us to chat about how you can make it happen for your firm as well. If you'd like to talk to Andrew and learn more, check him out Read More

086 – Building Your Intake Team with Adam Reiman

Your marketing brings the leads in, but your intake team can be the real key to your firm's success. This week, we chat with Adam Reiman from lawyer.com about the importance of a good intake team and what they need to be doing to ensure the firm's success. Adam has also graciously offered to do a FREE secret shop or provide a complimentary coaching session for our listeners. You can call Adam directly at (602) Read More

085 – Avoiding the Biggest Branding Pitfalls with Seth Erickson

What's your story? How do you avoid becoming a commodity? These are some of the biggest issues small firms face when it comes to their branding. This week, we're joined by Storify founder Seth Erickson to discuss what you can do to stand out from the crowd. Get the first chapter of Seth's book, How to Track Humans, and learn more about Storify at www.storifyagency.com/centerstage Read More

084 – Crafting a Purposeful Story with Tamika Bickham

Stories create connections! This week on Center Stage, we're joined by brand expert, consultant, and founder of TB Media Group Tamika Bickham to talk about how to craft a purposeful story (even if you don't think you're that interesting) and how to create great video content to help tell that story. Learn more about Tamika at www.tbmediagroup.com and connect with her on Instagram @tamikabickhamtv Read More

083 – Unlocking the Power of Video with Robert Weiss

According to our 2022 Legal Marketing Trends Report, only 33% of law firms use video in their marketing strategy and early 2/3 of those who don't say they can't see the value in it. Our guest this week, Robert Weiss from MultiVision Digital, aims to help turn that around. Learn more about MultiVision Digital by visiting their website: www.multivisiondigital.com Read More

082 – Focusing on Retention with Keith Taylor

Are you creating consistent touchpoints with your current and past clients, or are you churning through them at a high rate? This week's guest, financial advisor Keith Taylor, joins us to talk about the importance of focusing on retention and how you can improve it in your firm. Learn more about Keith and his firm at www.centerpointwealthstrategies.com Registered Representative and Financial Advisor of Park Read More

081 – Mastering Email Marketing with Ken Countess

Email marketing is NOT DEAD! This week we talk with email expert Ken Countess about the power behind email (with data to back it up), the strategy for success, and the metrics to track. Learn more about Ken and get his free email audit at www.kenisemail.com Read More

080 – Finding Your Freedom with Attorney Jen Lee

We've been telling you for years that you can run the firm of your dreams, enjoy life, and be successful. Now, hear it straight from another lawyer's mouth as we chat with attorney Jen Lee about all the ways you can find your freedom and run a firm you truly love. Learn more about Jen and the ways she can help you and your firm by visiting www.lawyersuccessnetwork.com Read More

079 – Crafting Your Purpose-Driven Message with Kate DiLeo

What does your marketing message say about your firm? This week, we chat with Kate DiLeo about how to craft a marketing message that focuses on your audience and your firm's purpose. Check out Kate's new book, Muting the Megaphone, and see all the ways Kate can help your firm at www.katedileo.com Read More